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5 Easy Cool Drawing Ideas For Activities With Pencil

Cool drawings are among the most suggestive symbols of childhood, and children love this activity that allows them to cheer up any sidewalk.

With a little imagination, you can turn drawing on asphalt into a wonderful source of fun for your child. Here are some ideas to put into practice with your little one:

Twister on the easy cool drawing ideas

Whenever it is played, Twister is an occasion of great fun and joy for children. You can convince yourself of this by inviting the little one to draw together on the asphalt a few columns of colored circles. After you have finished drawing, start the game! You can even invent your own rules for this game, there is no need to follow the rules of the classic version.

Motion games

You can invent a lot of trails and games using colored chalk on the asphalt, which the little ones will be happy to try. Here are some easy cool drawing ideas:

Follow the line: draw a line as winding as possible on the asphalt (wrapped, even) and invite the little one to a line stepping contest (as fast as possible, as slowly as possible)

Follow in the footsteps: on the same principle of the game above you can also draw a trail of tracks (those of a bear or a friendly monster are the most beloved 🙂), which the child can go through, stepping carefully on each track, without stepping outside of them.


Sotron is the most popular movement game for which you need chalk. For many parents today, Sotron was their favorite childhood game. And for today’s children, the sotron can be an excellent game of movement, in which they learn to maintain balance, to coordinate their movements, to concentrate, and, last but not least, to relate to other children.

Also, there are a lot of variants in which the sotron can be drawn and numbered, so that the little ones will not get bored so easily of this game.

Collage drawings with chalk and nature

Encourage your child to make collages from drawings made with chalk on asphalt and various objects from nature.

It can use stones, wooden sticks, petals, flowers, leaves, or even fruits and seeds. It is also an opportunity to explore the surroundings together and talk to them about nature. Her collages might amaze you with their originality and beauty!

Decoration for play and memories

If you have patience you can make real cities from colored chalk. Blocks and houses, trees and especially roads and alleys, for your child to ride their cars. You can also use the drawings as a decoration for original photos to collect in the scrapbook. Here are some ideas:

We all stay at home during this pandemic when schools are closed, and to protect ourselves and our loved ones, the solution is to stay physically away from each other. Adapting (temporarily) to a new normal caused by coronavirus is difficult and it is normal to feel sad, frustrated, or angry.

Expression through illustrations or comics is a great way to stay socially connected while keeping your social distance. Through a UNICEF initiative, young people around the world share their artistic creations, thus supporting people who are going through the same situation.

Do you want to contribute in easy cool drawing ideas?

If you are between 13 and 24 years old, share illustrations, drawings, and other works of art that help us to realize how important it is to support each other, to be good to each other in times of crisis, and to take care of our mental health. Be sure to follow the collaboration rules mentioned in this platform, and Voices of Youth will publish the works on the site or social networks. Here are more details about easy cool drawing ideas:

  • Follow the same steps you would take to stream content through the Voices of Youth platform (here’s a reminder). Create an account and then send the artwork (s);
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