Why Buying an Android Smartphone Still Counts

The debate continues, and people are still looking for a better phone.

We’re not trying to raise a war here between the two of the most popular Smartphones in the market: The iPhone and Android Phones.

These phones can be competitors to each other. Again, they can complement each other.

In that regard, a debate arises, and we leave that for some other blog.

For now, we would like to continue with the advantages of an android Smartphone for this blog.

With the arrival of Android 11, things in the marketplace have changed. Android 11 is not just an updated version of the Google Android OS, but it is also the one that seems to have dealt with the problems of Android 10 pretty well.

With this version, the usual Android issues are all taken care of.

But, Android 11 might not be the only reason you go for Samsung Galaxy Z flip 3 or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

There are many other reasons people are still buying an Android phone.

Read more to find on why:

Why You Can Still Buy an Android Phone

To get your new Smartphone quickly, you may look for a quick loan on the same day in Ireland if you search for lenders online.

But, before you even take such a decision, you can definitely take some time to research phones and know why an Android phone can still be the best phone for you.
Read these points below to understand them better:

• A Robust OS
• It’s Still Affordable
• You Can Customise
• Multitasking?
• More Innovative than before
• Memory that Can Be Expanded

Let us learn about these points in detail.

  1. A Robust OS

Android 11 has fixed most of the issues that have been tracked in its previous versions.

That Android is a popular OS can be understood when we know that such issues reached the providers’ ears, high indicate a solid communication between business and customers.

However, the two vital selling points of Android 11 are speed and the ability to run enhanced software.

For example, you cannot screen record with sound in Android 9.

Now, you can do that with Android 11 since it has a power-packed OS that has been more advanced than ever.

No problem with your streaming services then!

Added to that, you are now offered the most stable speed with Android 11. From webpage loading time to gaming, your time wouldn’t be wasted with this new version of the Android OS.

  1. It’s Still Affordable

You buy an Android Phone, you pay less.

The good thing with Android manufacturers is that they have been making surprisingly good phones with remarkable features at a very, very low price.

Even the flagship android phones are half the price of an iPhone.

The hardware the Android phones promise is still sturdy and helpful. And it is really a cool feature that Android wonderfully balances the hardware and the software part for a common user and makes it affordable for the common individual to pay.

An Android phone costs about 150 to 300.

While other phones with the different OS can cost double to triple the price range just mentioned.

  1. You Can Customise

When your day is right, you know that you’ve been organised.

Sounds pretty rhythmic, right?

The true thing about rhythms is that they sound good, organised in a distinct pattern.

An Android phone can also offer you that wonderfully organised life. You can use its customisation features to get that.

Do you want a more functional keyboard? Use a third party keyboard app.

Do you want a more organised office hour? Use advanced widget systems.

Have trouble with storage or want to make them safe online? Use easily usable cloud storage solutions.

Android has got things for you.

  1. Multitasking?

Why not?

It has been previously ascribed as a feature that desktops can only manage.

The story’s changed these days.

Now, with advanced widget access and faster execution of tasks, an Android phone can manage more than one task.

You can now get the benefits of the drag and drop facility to customise both your home and lock screens with the widget option.

Watching a video, and you just received a message. Well, use the custom widget and text back while watching that video.

  1. More Innovative than before

Well, Android Phones have indeed gotten more innovative than before. If you took out a quick loan on the same day from Ireland lenders to buy an innovative device this time, you took a really correct step.

Can you guess a manufacturer apart from Android phone manufacturers that introduced the new flip concept?

Apart from that, these phones have wonderfully included innovation in their apps and UI as well. Android phones are now more accessible and more relaxing to use.

Remember the Windows Phones?

They have been wonderful to use. But their UI has been a little bit complex than Android, for which Android OS probably became more popular.

Go ahead and buy one!

  1. Memory that Can Be Expanded

When most Android phones come with 32 GB storage; Lumia phones or Windows Phones come with a monstrous 128 GB storage.

However, today’s android devices have already packed in such power in them.

Gone are the days when small to medium sized Android phones came with only 32GB or 64GB of storage size.

Now, Android phones offer expandable memories upto 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB.


That’s a great thing indeed.

You get either Micro USB or USB-C charging ports available in the Android Smartphone.

AN Android phone can easily be charged using any one of the chargers fitting these ports.

You can, in fact, buy a third party charger and charge your phone while you can deal with fixing your branded charger.

To Conclude: Service Is Wonderful with Android Phones

If you are taking services, then you are definitely talking about Android phones.

Did you know that there are many phones that you can still buy where you get the facility of accessing a battery that can be removed?

You can now insert a new battery and that too from your manufacturer and use your phone for a few years more.

Who said that is not a great facility?

In fact, it is a worthy one.

So, if you’re desperate for buying an Android phone and are searching for money lenders in Ireland in helping you make your purchase, then wait a little longer and invest a little bit of time in COMPARING ANDROID PHONES.

There are many models in the market. Observe the specs and make your choice after really extensive research.

And you will get the best Android phone in the palms of your hands.