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Benefits of Assigning Laptops to Students 2022

A laptop is a basic need for all students, whether in high school or college. Students use laptops to complete their assignments. Teachers use it for their lectures. With the increasing use of laptops and gadgets in the classroom, it is important to assess the benefits of assigning laptops to students.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the advantages of giving every student a laptop. Many educators believe that technology enables education to become richer and more promising for both students and teachers. This technology takes a lot of forms, including laptop computers, interactive whiteboards and e-books.

Assigning laptops to students has a lot of advantages. In this article, I’ll list the benefits of assigning laptops to students.

1- Students can digitally take notes in class

By far, the biggest benefit is that it will save time. It won’t save me as much time because I already type fast and I already use PowerPoint, but other teachers will be able to cover more material in the same amount of time.

Students will also be able to use their laptops to take more active notes than they can with pen and paper. This is particularly useful if they are taking notes on their laptop and the teacher is projecting slides or other materials onto the screen, which they can then refer back to when they need to.

The use of laptops in class would also help eliminate plagiarism, which is something many teachers try to prevent with punishing consequences. Instead of having their students write down everything their teacher says verbatim, teachers could encourage them to record lecture highlights on their laptops as a part of their notes. This will allow them to go back and review what was said in class, helping them understand and remember what was being taught.

2 – Students can interact with their fellow peers and collaborate on projects

When students work together on a project, they are able to bounce ideas off of each other, and they are able to share information as well. They are also able to collaborate with people who have different talents than they do.

When students use laptops in their classrooms, they often learn more about what their teachers want from them. The use of laptops allows for many different ways for students to interact with each other and with the teacher. It is easier for the teacher to see who is participating in class. Teachers can also give out more work and have time for more questions.

Students who use laptops in classroom assignments benefit because they are able to take notes electronically, so that things like spelling or grammar are not a problem. Students using laptops have an advantage over other students because they can access information at all times, which keeps them from falling behind.

3 – Teachers and students can set reminders

Setting reminders can be beneficial for teachers and students. The students can set reminders for themselves to finish their homework assignments. Teachers can set reminders for their students to take a quiz or exam. This helps the teacher keep track of what the student is doing in class by making sure they do not forget to go over any material that was presented in class.

4 – Communication through Email

In the present day, most people have access to email on some kind of computer. These days, many students carry laptops or their own personal computers to school, so they are able to access email from school as well. This gives teachers the option of requiring students to submit assignments through email.

The benefits of this method of communication for the teacher and student are many. The teacher can monitor student progress and check for errors on a regular basis. The student doesn’t have to worry about forgetting an assignment or losing it; if they make a mistake, they can simply correct it and resubmit it. Teachers also no longer have to pass out copies of assignments to students in order for them to work on them at home; students may complete the assignments on their own time at home or wherever else they choose without being required to be at school at any specific time. Students who forget materials can usually pick them up again when they return home without much issue. Students are generally more motivated when they are working toward a goal like finishing an assignment rather than just being in class with nothing to do.

Keyboard skills and typing proficiency will also improve over time with this method, as students get into the habit of writing essays on a regular basis.* 

5 – Building student confidence

Students are often apprehensive about the idea of using technology in class. They worry that laptops will be a distraction from their studies, or that they will not be able to access the information they need. But there are many ways in which using laptops can help students learn more and perform better.

Assigning laptops to students is one way teachers can provide more opportunities for students to engage in critical thinking, practice active listening and speaking, and explore their world.

The first step in learning how to use a laptop productively is to learn how to use the mouse and keyboard correctly. Students who become familiar with these tools are able to navigate through the Internet and other features of their laptops much more quickly than those who do not know how to use them properly. Students also can become familiar with a wide range of software applications that they can use for writing papers, researching topics and exploring information. Laptops also contain games, movie players and other entertainment options that allow students to relax when they need a break from their studies or assignments.

Tutoring services are available online for students who have questions about how to use their laptops effectively.


There are a many benefits of assigning laptops to students. They can enhance learning while providing students an outlet for creativity and self-expression. These benefits are explored throughout this article and can provide helpful insights as to how a teacher should go about deciding whether or not to assign laptops to their students.