When Should You Consider Buying a Refurbished Phone?

Buying a Refurbished Phone: Even though refurbished phones account for only a small fraction of industry sales, it is still a great option for customers who want to save some pounds. It is especially the case now because the prices of smartphones and iPhones are really high. So, it becomes unaffordable for a large section of people when the price of a new model is more than 200 pounds.

For example, if you visit Apple’s website, you can find a refurbished iPhone XR with a 128 GB storage capacity at nearly 317 pounds. Whereas, a new XR with the same space capacity will cost about 550 pounds. Likewise, a new iPhone 11 with a 256 GB storage capacity costs about 749 pounds, while the refurbished iPhone 11’s cheap price is 575 dollars. So, don’t you think refurbished phones are a lot cheaper?

Likewise, you can easily find refurbished Samsung phones at a much cheaper price. For example, you can find a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with a 256 GB storage capacity, whose price starts at 459 pounds. However, the price of the same smartphone with the same storage capacity can be found at a starting price of about 230 pounds. Do you see the difference between the prices of the new and the refurbished one? Well, it is true. Therefore, if you consider buying a refurbished phone, you can easily grab the handset you wanted without worrying about the high price.

However, if you think you want to get yourself a refurbished phone instead of a new one, there are a few things that you need to consider beforehand. That’s why we have brought this article to help you out. Hopefully, the following questions will help you understand the things you need to know and why. So, let’s get started!

Do you know what you are buying?

Well, before you think of buying a refurbished phone, you should have a clear view of refurbished phones. These phones are not like any random second-hand phone. They are simply pre-owned smartphones that have been sent back due to a fault and have been repaired to resale. So, if you buy a refurbished one, it is not a phone with flaws anymore. You can relax and grab the phone you want.

How much cheaper are refurbished phones?

Well, how much cheaper the price you are offered depends on a number of factors. For instance, consider iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. If you compare the price of the new and the refurbished iPhones, you will find there is only a little to no difference. In this situation, you can rather go for the new iPhone if you really want to get it. After all, there is not much difference in their price.

However, there are several models of smartphones that come at a much cheaper rate than their new ones. Sometimes, the difference between the price of a refurbished phone and a new one can be more than 100 pounds. This might seem really cheap to many people, wishing to get a smartphone but do not have the budget. After all, they have to pay lower monthly installments if they go for the refurbished phone. Thus, you will be having two advantages of buying a refurbished phone. Firstly, you can grab your desired smartphone. Secondly, you can save up a lot of money when you want an expensive handset.

Do refurbished phones come with a warranty?

Warranties that come with refurbished phones depend on where you buy them. If the retailer or seller offers some kind of warranty with the phone, it will be evident that the phone doesn’t have any issue. However, if they don’t offer a warranty, there is a chance something will be wrong with it. A trusted dealer will always offer a warranty with the purchase. Some of the trusted dealers offer a 12-month warranty with the purchase of a refurbished phone. Therefore, you should get your refurbished phone from a trusted dealer.


Clearly, refurbished iPhone 11’s cheap price is a thing you need to consider. Just like iPhone 11, you can get other refurbished iPhones and even Samsung phones. Other than that, we have tried our best to guide you to get the refurbished handset you want. So, now it is your call whether you want to get a refurbished iPhone or a new one. Therefore, you should do some research yourself and grab the ideal phone that fits your budget. Think carefully and take the next step.

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