Best Caster Wheel Swivel For Material Handling & Mobility in 2021

Caster Wheel Swivel: Caster wheels play a significant role in material handling and transportation across a wide range of applications in industrial and manufacturing setups. When you select casters for specific purposes, various aspects are taken into consideration to ensure it can roll easily on its wheels.

Best Caster Wheel Swivel

Mostly, casters are used in any equipment, apparatus, or machinery, so you can make the entire arrangement moveable. But if the swiveling feature is essential to move standard or heavy-duty load types, all you need to ask for is the Best caster wheel swivel.

Many of my readers are not aware of the difference between a swivel caster and the one without the swiveling feature. Hence, you can read this post to know about the styles of casters before selecting the ideal for your requirements.

Types of Casters Based on Standard & Heavy-duty Loads

I often find people, who think a wheel and a caster is the same thing. They only start realizing the differences when asked about the purpose behind getting the casters from a dealer. If you don’t know the difference yet, let’s dive into some details before categorizing caster wheels.

Caster is an entire assembly containing a bracket and a wheel both in it. If you compare a caster with a regular wheel, this bracket is what brings in the difference between them.

At times, you will feel the necessity to replace wheels that are present at the bottom of any cart, chair, or equipment. However, what you need to replace is the entire caster wheel arrangement.

Now, let’s discuss the styles of casters that are quite common in modern manufacturing industries. They are:

  • Plate mounted caster
  • Stem mounted caster

Besides, two main categories are used in heavy load and material handling sectors, which are:

  • Rigid caster
  • Swivel caster

As I’ll explain the features of the caster wheel swivel in this post, let’s understand the differences between casters categories first.

Rigid Caster

Here, you will find a wheel mounted beneath the bracket of the caster that doesn’t have the swiveling ability. This is why it is often called the fixed casters.

If there are handling requirements to move the load (standard or heavy-duty) backward and forward, without turning around any corner, rigid casters work the best.

Due to lack of maneuverability, a fixed caster can be suitable for furniture, carts, institutional apparatus, and medical equipment.

Swivel Caster

Swivel casters can provide 360 degrees rotation to the caster while carrying heavy loads. At the center of the caster’s swivel section, it enables the wheel to revolve in a circular motion.

Here, this swiveling arrangement moves heavy-duty materials effortlessly on the caster. Besides, it enables the mobility of the loads around tight corners as well.

If you are looking for some specific classifications of swivel casters, they include:

  • Stem caster
  • Locking caster
  • Plate caster
  • Kingpinless caster

The diameter of the wheel in a swivel caster arrangement can range between 2” to 4”, which allows it to move loads weighing 80 to 120 lbs. Therefore, you need to select a larger wheel diameter to move or transport more load.

Various applications are there that utilize standard light swivel caster, which includes computer desks, TV stands, decorative equipment, and certain furniture. However, you will find the utilization of heavy-duty caster wheel swivel arrangements in warehouses and manufacturing plants.

So, based on your load-carrying requirement, you can select the caster wheel from a leading manufacturer offering quality products at an affordable price.

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