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Best GST Registration for Ecommerce business in 2021

GST Registration for Ecommerce business

In this situation of covid-19 many people are unemployed now it’s time to start a new business with GST on e-commerce. It is one of the business ways to start from your home with laptop.

What is an electronic commerce (e-commerce)?

E-commerce, In the common language it is also called electronic commerce, is the process of buying and selling products, services, and online money transfer and sharing of data through the internet and other electronic means. Separately physical goods, electronic products and services are also operated in e-commerce. That is done electronically.

What is the e-commerce business?

The business which is done online or electronics mode is called e-commerce business. The business is done completely online from some portals or some website and also with your mobile phone. An electronics business can be done from any platform of social networking and it can be done in some different types. We can do the business from anywhere in the country.

In more simple words, online trading/shopping/marketing and selling is called e-commerce business.

Complete e-commerce, workshops and goods are just a click away. You only need to select a product of your choice which you want to purchase. Add it to your cart and proceed for further payment option. You can select any one of the options of the payment you can make the payment online or you can make the payment on delivery of the product. Now select an option and your shopping is done. You don’t need to go any shop and market you can purchase from your home.

How many types of e-commerce business?

There have seven types of e-commerce business such as:

  1. E-commerce business can be done business to business (B2B)
  2. Also, e-commerce business can be done Business to Consumer (B2C)
  3. And also, the E-commerce business can be done consumer to consumer (C2C)
  4. E-commerce business can be done Government to Business (G2B)
  5. E-commerce business can be done Consumer to Business (C2B)
  6. E-commerce business can be done Business to Government (B2G)
  7. E-commerce business can be done Government to Consumer (C2G)

How can I start e-commerce business?

You can start the e-commerce business by taking a simple GST Registration online for the desired portals. After getting the GST registration you will need to register your business on the e-commerce portals from where you want to do business.

Is GST Registration necessary to start E-commerce business?

Yes, GST Registration is necessary to start e-commerce business in the electronic commerce business world. Without Opting the GST Registration, you cannot start the e-commerce business at all the way of e-commerce business.

How GST Registration helps for E-commerce business?

GST Registration is the key to unlock the way to enter into the e-commerce business world. Only GST is one of the required Registrations to start the e-commerce business on any portal. This GST registration is a normal requirement to start the e-commerce business.

How can a person register on e-commerce portals after getting the GST Registration online?

A person can go and visit to register on the e-commerce portals and fill out the all details and provide the all required documents then they need to contact with the team of the portal to continue with them. And provide them the GST Registration number or start their business with them.

Is there any other registration required to sell online on e-commerce portals?

Yes, if you sell your own products then you need Brand Registration for that. After this you can sell your products. And also you will need some authorization in case of other company’s products.

How can I get GST Registration?

You can get GST Registration from GST official website or the service providers. You can also get the registration with legalsalaah.

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