How To Hook Up Extra Monitors To Laptop To View Charts For Stock Trading?

If you are working for stock trading, you should need a multi-monitor workstation to keep an eye on view charts and ensure the availability of stocks and other things.

If you are a beginner, your existing computer or laptop is probably fine for stock trading, depending on how many monitors you require. But if you are professional and want to create a new setup to upgrade your stock trading work, the best laptop for stock trading is Apple MacBook Air M1.

This is the overall best laptop for this purpose with an Apple M1 chip. This is an all-rounder laptop and fulfills all the basic trading work needs.

This article will discuss the easy and efficient method to connect an extra monitor to your laptop to view charts for stock trading.

How To Hook Up Extra Monitors For Stock Trading:

  • Multi-Monitor Computers are a great way to decrease burden, time, and increase efficiency, productivity, and create a professional computer workstation.
  • You can easily generate a multi-monitor setup to upgrade your stock trading work with this best laptop for stock trading or your existing laptop.
  • All you need is to simply follow the steps given in this article to connect multi-monitors to your laptop for the best stock trading experience.

Steps To Hook Up Extra Monitors To Laptop:

  • You can easily connect multi-monitors to your laptop; all you need is to perform these simple steps to ensure your multi-monitor workstation.
  • Also, you should need to know some basic things about your laptop to convert it into a multi-monitor setup.
  • So, here I will discuss it in an easy way so that you can do it on your own without any difficulties.

Number Of Monitors Your Laptop Support:

First, you have to check how many monitors your computer/laptop supports simultaneously; for this purpose, you have to look at how many monitor ports are available at the back of your PC/Laptop. These ports will be VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort connections.

If you require more monitors, then the available ports on your laptop. You can also use a USB 3.0 adapter to convert to an HDMI or USB 3.0 to DisplayPort connection.

Steps To Connect Multiple Monitors To Laptop:

  • After knowing how many monitors your laptop can support, it’s easy to connect monitors. There are several ways to connect multiple monitors to the laptop.
  • The cheapest and easiest way is plugging your monitor connections directly to the available display output ports. But this is not the preferred method because it can be cheapest but messy or clumsy to handle.
  • So, here I will provide the preferred recommended method. You can use a docking station to hook up monitors. This is a clean and simple solution for plugging all your laptop peripherals.
  • You can connect your desktop workstation mouse, printer, keyboards, internet, and additional monitors to the docking station. Your laptop then can quickly connect to your peripherals with the docking station with the help of a connection or cable wire.

Graphic Cards Use For Multi Monitor Setup:

If your laptop does not have enough display output ports or the manufacturer of your laptop device confirms the graphic card supports, you can easily upgrade your graphic card.

Here I will enlist the best graphic cards for running three, four, or six monitors set up at one time for the best experience of stock trading, and you can easily access the chart of the trading platform.


This primary budget-friendly graphic card, suitable for general use, has three monitor input ports. DVIA, VGA, and HDMI can support up to three monitors together. It is ideal for charting software and handling stock trading stations.

  1. QUADRO K1200:

It is a more powerful and reliable graphic card, which will provide the high-performance ideal for productivity applications, running chart software, and stock trading. It is super stable, does not overheat, and can simultaneously support up to four displays via four DisplayPort output connections.

  1. SAPPHIRE Nitro+ Radeon Rx Vega 64:

One of the best graphic cards, limited to a maximum of four direct connection output ports, and the card supports up to six monitors using a DisplayPort MST hub. It is an excellent option to hook up to six monitors computers set up at one time and lead to a perfect stock trading station.


You can easily hook up extra monitors to your laptop to view charts for stock trading; all you need is to perform these simple steps discussed in this article. You can examine by clicking on the Multiple Display Menu and selecting the Extend These Displays options.

I hope this article will be helpful for you. If you have any further questions, you can ask in the comment section; I will make sure to clear all confusion.

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