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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Screen

If you want to know, how much does it cost to replace a laptop screen, you have come to the right page. Here, will be given all the details of cost you have to bear while replacing your laptop screen. Price doesn’t matter if you have your laptop damaged or broken, because laptops are being used to save all tiny details, important documents, the accounts and all data of your daily life, and one can never compromise over the above mentioned things for sure.

Replacing a laptop screen can cost around $200 to $600 including labor and parts that depend on your brand. But if you have dropped or broken your gaming laptop, it’s gonna cost you even more. Even a cheap gaming laptop of around $1200 can easily cost $500 just for a screen repair. But remember one thing, you might have changed the damaged part or broken screen, the performance would not be the same as before. And then the only option you are left with would be replacing of laptop.

You can also repair the screen if you know how to do it by only buying laptop repairing kit that costs around $24 from amazon. May be you get it on discount if you are lucky enough. But remember don’t do it if you have no skills, just go to the vendor.

Now coming to the main topic how much does it cost to replace a laptop screen? If your laptop is under warranty, you need to do nothing except of delivering that damaged laptop to repairing center, and to claim for a new one, how easy. But if the laptop is not under warranty, its gonna cost you much. You may have to pay two- third of the original cost price of laptop altogether.

In this era, there are many vendors available online, u just have to fix the price of repairing to spend on it. Each brand has its own rate of repairing or replacement charges,Toshiba charges $390 for screen replacement. You’ll find some shops who can repair laptop but they are not enough with the repairing tools.

The prices of the labour and the parts are depend on vendor, every vendor has his labour price depends on expertise. You need to expect $150 to $300 for a laptop screen but it may exceed while repairing MacBook. There is actually a way of getting laptop through “free laptop recycle”, which is a free way to connect with people who are willing to give you their laptops that they no longer use,especially gaming laptops. If you want a gaming laptop under $1200, must visit free laptop recycle, as new gadgets when come out, old ones are neglected.

Things Should be Considered for Laptop Repair:

Check the cost of repairing online

Before replacement or repair, one must go to different sites to check the repairing price. After getting all the information of the cost you’ll be able to make a difference and conclusion

Find a certified expert technician

You need to find an expert technician that has worked for some brand or is working with some brand. Because you need to order specify and accurate parts for you laptop, if you have ordered wrong ones, it’s gonna cost you badly. The expert would know where and which parts have to be replaced. This is not difficult to find laptop parts or screen, the thing that is more difficult is finding correct person to deal with the replacement.

Check online reviews

If you want to save some money for repairing laptops, you must need to do some research. Visit different online vendor and shops, know their prices and parts, you will be able to make a contrast, you will even be able to know that who is charging you unnecessarily, prices and communication gives you some reflection of their services. So do some research first, ask you fends, go online and make a comparison, always quote first before choosing a shop, the might not be able to give you the details of the exact price but what they can do is, can give you an estimate so that you can make your decision.

Another topic which should be discussed is the cost of LCD is far more different from LED

1: LCD Screen replacement:

This type of version is very popular these days, you can find LCD SCREENS anywhere easily with a cost of $50-$150. but the price vary according to the demand. The price goes up if u are not able to find it easily.

2: LED screen replacement:

LED counterparts are relatively costlier than the LCD counter parts. You can get a LED counter part around $50 to $200,which is cheaper than the LCD’s parts. For the MacBook, counterparts can cost as minimum as $250 and goes higher upto $750 for the latest models.

Cost of used laptop screens and copy products

They are actually among the goal setting shareware that you need to use. You can easily get used lapto screens in a range of $20 to $60, only if u get a durable display.

FAQs: (how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen)

People have alot of doubts in their mind related to the replacement and repairing of laptops, here are the most frequently asked questions that I would surely like to address, and its OK to have these type of doubts in mind. Let’s start the questions:

1: Can I fix my laptop screen

This is the most frequently asked question, and the answer is why not, a broken screen or a damaged laptop part does not indicate that now the laptop is worthless. Fir example some shops charge you $80 to repair a broken laptop screen, and some charge $150 to $300, all depends on your damaged screen, its better if u do it by yourself at home.

2: Can I fix my very old laptop screen:

Generally, mostly consumers upgrade their laptops every five to ten years, laptops become so reliable. So you can fix your old laptop screen easily.

3: Is it worth fixing a laptop screen:

Obviously it is worth fixing your laptop screen, fixing laptops screen does not cost you more than $125 and $500 for valuable items or gaming laptop, so repair doesn’t exceed 25% of the initial purchase price. If you are going to pay more than that, trust me then its a money wastage.

4: How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen

Finally, this is the most asked question that how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen. I hope you have already bought a reply.

The Repair cost of different brands of laptop displays:

You might be estimating the average price, let’s have the look at some big brands.

1- HP laptop display repair cost

Among all the brands, HP laptops are the most cost effective brand. You can easily find out screen worth of $40,the screens that are not out of market ye. But this price isn’t fixed, it goes upto $400 according to the demand.

2- Lenovo laptop display repair cost

Lenovo contains a large amount of laptops oat of 2hich have LCDs. The most expensive display can purchase from $60, while goes up upto $350 according to the demand.

3- Asus laptop screen repair cost

This brand has some limitations but it contains LCDs more than the LEDs. Most of the screens are sold in range of $40-$60. But the models which have sports high end LEDs can cost upto $200.

4- Dell laptop screen repair cost

Dell, indeed a famous brand with high client ratio. It has laptop display for $40to $85. But the fashions or high class laptop display end up for $250.

5- Acer laptop screen repair cost

A well renowned name, for sure, has screen available at lowest price of $50, while some screen with high resolution and high sizes can cost upto $300.

6-The cost of replacing a Samsung laptop screen

Well Samsung is famous for its mobile mobels and very less renowned for its laptop. But some laptop models of Samsung are very popular due to which the demand of displays is still visible. A standard LED display costs you around $60 but can also cost high upto $200.

7- MacBook screen repair cost

So comes the expensive platform, old models screens. Cost you upto $60-$70. But the new editions of MacBook have created craze among people due to its excellent features.

The latest editions of MacBook costs you $350-$600. The screens for latest models can even coat you more.


We know laptop is playing an important role in our daily life, it has become a major gadget of our routine. We have handles all of our work, accounts, details, data, pictures, documents and files through laptop, it has become our life easier, if it is in good position, all of our work will go smoothly and of something wrong has happened to him, we might have to loose all of our important data from it, so it’s like an unbearable loss.

So if something bad has happened to it, it’s screen has broken or anything has happened to its parts, we have to replace it as soon as possible, no matter how much it cost to fix our laptop. To keep all data safe, we have to replace it with other counterparts keeping in view our budget, and you’ll only be able to do this if you have some know how about it.