How to Build a Website on a Budget?

Website development is probably the most crucial aspect of a business, especially in today’s modern era, where everything is digital. Hence, building an appealing and functional website is a must. However, companies with limited resources might find it tricky to build a website on a budget. That being said, the process doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. It is majorly about utilizing the right resources with the help of the right people.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of five ways how businesses can create a website on a small budget that ensures functionality and effectiveness at the highest level.

Pick a Domain Name

Your domain name is what visitors and customers will search for to find your business online. So, choose a custom domain name that best suits your business goals and values. A domain name helps you build credibility, brand identity, and search authority. And guess what? Buying a domain shouldn’t take more than $10-15 yearly from your pocket. Most businesses buy their domain from a registrar, which they have to renew every year. So, budget accordingly.

Choose a Hosting Provider

Web hosting is a foundational part of creating a website. Without a reliable web hosting provider, your site gets exposed to cyberattacks and other online threats. A hosting provider provides you with a secure server on which you build your website. Now, not all hosts are created equally, so while you pick a hosting provider, make sure you’re getting all the features you need. There are different web hosting services, such as shared hosting, virtual private server, managed hosting, cloud hosting, etc. The best service for your site depends on your business requirements.

Website Builder

Gone are the days when companies had to invest a lot in building websites. Today, an array of website builder apps are available on a budget-friendly scale and also offer themes you can build off. This also includes investing in landing page builder apps, as creating landing pages is an essential part of any website.

Without an optimized landing page, there’s a possibility of high bounce rate, which affects the conversion rate and you might lose potential customers. This online blog gives a thorough explanation of how landing page builder apps are the most savvy and budget-friendly way to create a website that’s not only user friendly but keeps the visitors hooked for a longer period of time. Plus, these come integrated with drag-and-drop features and third-party marketing tools, which is a great resource for marketers.

Select a Theme

You are sorted with the domain name, hosting provider, and website builder; now what? It’s time to select a theme for your website that best compliments your industry type. While business owners may think investing in an expensive theme could be fruitful in luring visitors to your site, it may not be the right move. If you’ve just started your website, experts advise picking up free themes, as there are endless apps that provide this feature. With time, if your site needs more power and capabilities, you can invest in an expensive theme with feature-rich options and streamline your site.

To Wrap It All Up

As soon as you’re done with choosing the domain name, hosting provider, website builder, and theme for your site, it’s time to put it all together and create a full-fledged website. Follow these steps and create the website of your dreams, and that too, on a budget-friendly scale.