How to Calibrate a Dell Laptop Monitor?

If you don’t manually calibrate the screen settings on your Dell laptop monitor, you’ll get a default setting, which may not be quite right for you. When you calibrate the settings of your monitor, you’re able to enter a variety of resolution and color definitions. These changes can make sure the display is the absolute best possible for your own standards. Calibrating a monitor using a software utility built into the Windows operating system is an easy way to set the settings to your own standards.

Step 1

At the top right of the Windows desktop, click the button that reads “Properties”.

Step 2

Click the “Settings tab” from the “Display Properties” window.

Step 3

Select the “Screen Resolution” heading and then slide the “Scaling” menu until the settings display the best resolution you require. Press the “Apply” button to make your adjustments. You can change them back if you don’t like the way your monitor looks.

Step 4

The “Color Quality” setting allows the users to choose between “32-bit” and “16-bit” color. After you hit the “Apply” button, you’ll be taken to the “Save Settings to Disk” page, which will prompt you to name the disk where you want to save your settings.

Step 5

Click the “Advanced” menu tab to make the adjustments needed. You can set a timer before your monitor will shut off, adjust its brightness, or choose options that control how it starts up after rebooting. When you have done, click the “Apply” button, to save the changes. Click “OK” to close the menu and force the changes into effect.

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