How to Charge a Laptop in a Car?

Laptops are one of the best inventions of all times. People now use laptops at workplaces and in schools, colleges and universities. Laptops are considered as the bridge between information technology and human beings due to the accessibility of information that the user can access with a laptop, which is not available on desktops or in any other computer system. Nowadays, almost everyone owns a laptop.

How to charge a laptop in a car? Every once in awhile we will find ourselves in a situation where we need to charge a device that can’t reach the nearest outlet or power strip (which is always at home). The good news is that you can always charge a laptop while driving.

1- Using A USB Charger

If you have a laptop that runs on Windows and you’re on the road, you can use your car charger to charge it. This may be necessary if your battery is dead and you want to get some work done on the way home from work or school.

The first thing you need to do is find out if your car has a cigarette lighter. It will usually be in the same area as the parking brake and the gear shift. If it doesn’t have one, then you are out of luck.

Take a look at your car charger cord. You may see that it has two different ends: one that plugs into your laptop USB port, and another end that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. If this is true, just plug the other end into your laptop USB port and plug the other end of the cord into your car’s cigarette lighter. Your computer should start charging right away.

2- Using A Universal USB Charger

When it comes to charging a laptop in a car, you have a few different options. You can install an adapter for your car, but that’s often more trouble than it’s worth. You could also use the cigarette lighter, but that’s not always the safest option. The best way is with a universal USB charger.

Find the Right Charger

A universal USB charger is probably the best way to charge your laptop in a car because they’re designed to work with a variety of devices. Laptops are just one of many devices that you can charge on this type of charger. Since it’s universal, you need to make sure you get the right model for your laptop.

Universal USB chargers come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on which devices they’re compatible with. Some are thin and flat so they can fit into small pockets or bags. Others are bulkier, but still offer flexibility with their compatibility. Sometimes these chargers come with cords that can power multiple devices at once while other times they come with only one cord. Some of them are even designed to work internationally so you can take your international trips without having to worry about plugging them in to an unfamiliar outlet.

3- Using A Power Bank

There are a number of ways to charge your laptop in your car. One method is to create a power bank in your car and charge it with a USB cable from the cigarette lighter plug. This will allow you to have extra power for your laptop if the battery dies on you, or even charge the laptop when you aren’t driving. With some creative use of tape and insulation, you can make this portable in a bag

So, how do you charge a laptop in a car? There are a few ways to do this and many of them involve what I like to call “power banks“. These are essentially portable batteries that can charge pretty much anything that uses a USB cord, which is everything from cell phones to tablets and even some laptops.

Charging your electronics on the go is as easy as having a power bank. I use one almost every day when I’m working from my car.

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a power bank for your device is knowing the output voltage and amperage that your device needs in order to charge. Most devices will have this information in the user manual or on the charging cable itself, but if you don’t have access to either of those, here’s a list of common voltage/amperage combinations:

  • Apple MacBook Pro – 19V / 2A (60W)
  • Apple MacBook Air – 19V / 1.5A (45W)
  • Apple iPad Pro – 12V / 2A (24W)
  • Apple iPhone – 12V / 1.5A (18W)
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ – 5V / 2A or 5V / 1A (10W)


Charging a laptop can be really tricky. Don’t worry though! Depending on the device, you have a couple of options for charging your laptop in the car. Of course, before we get too far into all the different charging devices available, let’s make sure you understand how to charge it first!

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