How To Check If Laptop Is New Or Refurbished?

How to check if laptop is new or refurbished?

Are you willing to purchase a laptop, but you are not sure if it is new or refurbished? Do not worry. There are several ways for you to check the status of the laptop.

Is it necessary to check the laptop’s condition?

The answer is yes. It is necessary to check if the laptop is new or refurbished because there are many differences between these two types of laptops. New laptops usually come with a warranty, while refurbished laptops do not. The prices of these two types of laptops are also different. A new laptop is more expensive than a refurbished one.

Best tips that can help to check if a new or refurbished:

  1. Checking the warranty of the laptop is an easy way to identify if it is new or refurbished. If you are buying a laptop from a reputable store, then chances are that they provide one-year warranty on all laptops including both new and refurbished laptops. Laptop stores that offer only three months’ warranty on new laptops and no warranty on refurbished laptops are always trying to sell refurbished products. Do not buy a laptop from such stores.
  2. Another way for you to identify the status of a laptop is by checking its box or date code, especially if it is a new one. If there are no serial numbers on the motherboard, then it will be difficult for you to determine its status. If the laptop is just purchased, then it will be free from all kinds of stickers and labels. However, if it is refurbished, then there will be a label on the battery or inside the laptop that says “refurbished”.
  3. You can also ask for an inspection report before you buy the laptop. It is usually provided for free by stores that sell refurbished laptops, but it might cost some money if you ask for this report from stores selling new ones. Inspection reports are useful because they provide information about any kind of damages found on the laptop.
  4. When you purchase a laptop with your own money, then it will always be new.
  5. Always check the laptop before you buy it, even if the store is reputable and trustworthy. You can test how it works and look for any damages on its body or screen. New laptops might also have a piece of plastic tape over some part of its body, such as USB ports and AC power adapter ports.
  6. The battery won’t charge or the laptop turns off soon after it is turned on are also some indications that the laptop might be refurbished.
  7. Blue screen of death is the most common problem that is found in refurbished laptops.
  8. The laptop is getting hot soon after it is turned on are also some indicators that you are dealing with refurbished laptops.
  9. Refurbished laptops usually have old BIOS versions installed on them while new ones might have the latest version of BIOS installed. You can check the motherboard of a laptop to identify its status because new motherboards will not look refurbished at all.
  10. Shutting down unexpectedly, turning off by itself and the laptop not charging are also some indications that an old or refurbished laptop is being used.
  11. Laptop becomes noisy soon after you start using it could be a sign that the fan needs to be replaced. This is common in refurbished laptops.
  12. Unresponsive keyboard and trackpad, dimmed or flickering screen are also some indications that the laptop is not new
  13. The cracked and blurry screen are also some common problems that are found in refurbished laptops.
  14. If the laptop is new, then you will find a sticker on it that has all the important information about the product. The most important information that you need to check on this sticker is the manufacturing date and the country of origin. If these two pieces of information are not there, then the laptop is refurbished.
  15. If the laptop has an inbuilt camera, then it must be working properly because most new laptops come with this feature. You can check it by using any video chat software or app that you prefer to use. If the webcam cannot be used after restarting your computer, then chances are that the laptop is refurbished.
  16. Computer virus and malware attack are also common problems that refurbished laptops usually face because it might have been hacked by someone who accessed the laptop illegally.
  17. The screen resolution, sound quality and battery life are all checked during the manufacturing process of new laptops, but refurbished ones fail to meet these standards as a result of which buyers suffer from poor-quality displays and distorted.
  18. Check the serial number of a laptop to see if it matches the number that is mentioned on the sticker. If they don’t match, then the laptop is refurbished.
  19. The warranty of a new laptop usually starts from the date of purchase, but the warranty of a refurbished one might have already expired.
  20. You can also use online tools to find out if a laptop is new or refurbished. One such tool is the serial checker tool that you need to enter the serial number of your laptop on it and then click on “Check Serial Number” button. The report generated by the tool will tell you whether or not your laptop is new or refurbished by checking its warranty status as well.


These are some of the most common ways to check if your laptop is new or refurbished. It is always advisable to be vigilant while purchasing a laptop because you don’t want to end up with a refurbished one that doesn’t meet your expectations. If you are still not sure whether the laptop is new or refurbished, you can take it to a technician and ask him to check it for you. Most of the times, these technicians are able to identify whether a laptop is new or refurbished by just looking at it. For more Check refurbished laptops on Amazon

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