How to Clean Laptop Screen – Ultimate Guide 2022

Clean your laptop screen. It’s important to keep it clean because it can affect the performance of your computer and make it look old. This particular guide includes how to use a microfiber cloth, water or vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. These three things are all very inexpensive and easy to find. There are also other ways to clean your screen such as using an anti-static wipe which can be found at many electronics stores for about $2-$3 per package. They’re perfect for cleaning keyboards too! Let’s get started with step-by-step instructions on how to get your laptop looking like new again!

How to Clean Laptop Screen – Ultimate Guide Step By Step

1) First, remove any stickers and decals from your laptop. Also, unplug your computer and place it on a flat service so that you can easily clean the screen.

2) Use a microfiber cloth which you can buy for under $2 at many stores such as Target and Wal-Mart. Be careful not to use paper towels because they’re more likely to leave behind paper fibers than clean your screen. You should also never spray any type of cleaner directly on the screen because this may cause damage or even more fingerprints! Instead spray them on the microfiber cloth and wipe off.

3) If you don’t have a microfiber cloth available, get some distilled water or white vinegar to moisten one corner of a soft cloth and gently wipe the screen. If there is any dirt or oily residue, this should be able to help it with most of the gunk.

4) Next, pour some distilled water into a spray bottle and mix in 2 – 3 drops of rubbing alcohol such as 90% isopropyl alcohol. Shake up the mixture and spray it onto your microfiber cloth first before cleaning the screen because you don’t want too much moisture to soak into your laptop! Afterward, follow up by wiping off with dry end of cloth first then use other dry end to make sure that no visible moisture remains on the screen.

5) For more severe marks that are hard to remove, try using an anti-static Wipe which can be found at many electronics stores for about $2-$3 per package. Just follow the same steps as those given above. Another easy way to clean your screen is with a microfiber laptop cleaning cloth for about $7 from Amazon or other computer-related retailers.

6) If you don’t want to use any of the methods mentioned above, there is one more simple way which is using a gum eraser such as those from a standard #2 pencil. You can gently rub the eraser on any marks or stains on your laptop screen and this will usually do the trick.

7) If the gum eraser doesn’t work too well for you, try using hand sanitizer which can be applied with a cotton swab or soft cloth. Rub gently until the sticky substance is transferred to the swab and then use a large amount of water to wipe off. Repeat until the screen is streak-free and you should be able to see your HD display without all those fingerprints and gunk!

Benefits of Using Disposable Wipes Instead of Regular Cloths

Disposable wipes are very convenient compared to hand washing microfiber cloths because you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty and they’re also more sanitary than letting them air dry between uses due to its nonwater absorbent materials so that bacteria cannot grow within it like an ordinary towel would. However, if you decide not to use any wipes then always make sure that your microfiber cloth is dry before using it again.


In conclusion, there are many other things that you can do to keep your laptop or computer looking new and it’s a lot easier than you would think! It’s also important to take care of yourself because neglecting self-maintenance can lead to health issues as well as damaged equipment. If there is anything else that I didn’t mention in this article, please feel free to let me know as I would be more than happy to help you out!

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