How to Develop Unlimited Self Confidence in 2021

Unlimited Self Confidence: The destiny of each person could be transformed by knowing their mind. There is undoubtedly another way out than complaining all day long, than to suffer a situation or an illness like inevitability, like a dead end.

To change is also to face your fears. So we take refuge behind all kinds of good reasons. We lack self-confidence and self-confidence. We flee… This flight can be experienced as a failure.

We are too busy with our moods to see clearly in ourselves and consider another path…

Develop Unlimited Self Confidence

“Self-confidence is the first secret of success”

This quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson sums up the book on which I am writing this article: “Unlimited Confidence” by Franck Nicolas . In his book, the internationally renowned coach shares his strategy for gaining the confidence to stop living your life according to other people’s expectations, and start living it on your own terms.

Franck Nicolas
In his bestseller, Franck Nicolas offers 5 steps and 21 challenges to overcome to acquire unlimited self-confidence.

What is preventing you from living what you want? The answer is simple: trust yourself! Your confidence is often based on false beliefs. We all have within us an immense power of confidence that sleeps within us! It is not innate, it can be worked on, maintained and strengthened!

Everyone can assert themselves without arrogance, break self-sabotage without giving up their personality, their sensitivity! We all have potential, but our will is so fluctuating!

It is our duty to refuse mediocrity and to make sure you step out of your comfort zone. Life is full of new challenges, great opportunities to learn and improve performance, at all ages.

When and how do you find the trigger in yourself? How to wake up so as not to miss out on your life? How to stop doubting permanently? How to succeed in life? How to regain self-confidence to change your life?

When you look around, how to create a Wikipedia page for your business very few people consider themselves happy, fulfilled, and fulfilled. Many are resigned to mediocrity, which has become a habit of life. This generates stress, disappointments, and therefore, a lot of suffering, which prevents moving forward in life.

Most people prefer to close their eyes, get used to the fragility and routine. Most of them behave like ostriches hiding their heads in the sand, believing that they are escaping the dangers of reality and their responsibility. Most put aside their chance to progress and choose their future.

Most people forget about their own desires, drag chains at their feet, and forget who they really are inside of themselves. Ultimately, it can become toxic to the person’s balance.

The SPARK method

The SPARK method is the method developed by Franck Nicolas for many years. It includes 5 stages:

  • analysis: you have to understand what, in you, creates a blockage and prevents you from fully realizing yourself.
  • understanding: this involves analyzing how self-confidence works and studying its inner workings.
  • reaction: this is the phase during which you learn to react positively to your negative habits and beliefs.
  • action: you take charge of building your self-confidence by simply applying certain tips.
  • planning and programming: this is the phase where you will imperatively have to develop a plan of action and progress.

Changing a lifestyle habit takes 66 days for it to take hold in you. Neurologists and other scientists estimate that it takes 21 days to begin to assimilate new, simple principles. It takes 66 days, in all, for a habit, no matter how complex and restrictive, to become automatic.

It’s simple: 66 days to make a difference, to transform and flourish!
For this, it is necessary that you are ready to:

  • put aside your fears and your doubts, your desire for perfection and your complexes.
  • regain control of your projects.
  • choose instead of suffering.
  • leave the spectators ‘stand to join the players’ field.
  • live your life and not that proposed by those around you.
  • make the best of yourself.
  • Get help from a life coach

Get help from a life coach

You have a deep desire to evolve in your life and now you want to live your life to the fullest. See if you care about any of the following questions:

  • do you feel stuck in your life?
  • do you lack self-confidence?
  • do you want to move forward in your life?
  • you FINALLY want to achieve your dreams?
  • you FINALLY want to realize your projects that you have had in you for a long time?
  • Have you always felt held back by beliefs or thoughts that limit you?
  • has your mind become your worst enemy?

You can use the SPARK method of Franck Nicolas , comprehensive and effective but can be expensive for some budgets. You can also hire a life coach.

A life coach, as I offer in my personalized life coaching and writing services COMING SOON on this blog , helps you find the resources and creativity within you to solve your own difficulties.

A life coach helps you regain self-confidence, define and make your life project a reality. The more you take action, the more confidence you will have in yourself. By having confidence in yourself, you will strengthen your mind to move forward in all circumstances. By having confidence in yourself, you will also help your professional entourage and you will see more professional opportunities. In any case, you will no longer be passive.

What does a life and writing coach do?

A life and writing coach is not a psychologist, nor a teacher, nor a confidant, much less a companion. He doesn’t heal you of anything.

A life coach offers his services to help you find the resources you need for your change. He is a “therapist” who listens actively, who accompanies you on your path of change, who helps you see more clearly, who helps you to put words into your ailments or your desires, in short, who will help you. makes life easier.

The life coach encourages you to know yourself better, to discover or rediscover yourself, even to surprise yourself. He helps you find your own solutions.

The place and role of writing in life coaching

Why produce writing during coaching? Including the practice of writing in coaching is essential because it participates in a process of reflection, in an internal dialogue.

Writing gives form to a word that is most often ephemeral, fleeting and precarious. By translating the movement of thought, writing informs, in a legible way, what has just been said or thought. What is drawn and written on paper is an approach that prepares to take more distance and clarity.

Undeniably, the written word opens a space in you. He makes his way to the unspoken, buried in you. The written word provides a link between the informal and the formal, setting you on a path of openness and change. Something is unraveled within you and opens you to unsuspected perspectives. This is the whole issue of writing.

The act of writing generates information that is different and complementary to oral expression. It highlights what is in motion in the intimate. It consolidates what, until then, was vague, floating, even intangible. The light gives way to the shadow in you!

The writing has the merit of providing an indication that you can reread at your leisure. It allows for many reflections and multiple questions. It collects a good number of emotions, thoughts, feelings, which are expressed through Wikipedia writers for hire the words written on the paper. Each writing can become an interpretation and the beginning of a journey, conducive to an exploration of yourself and to the change, which you so desire!

Writing involves you personally. Asking words about what is going on inside makes you experience the moment differently. Writing will get you to know yourself better. This practice will bring up what you have buried and you have for a long time. Too long!

With life and writing coaching, you can become the hero of your life again! We all have the resources within us to experience the changes well. Believe me, writing has unexpected therapeutic virtues!

You will evolve in your life thanks to writing exercises. There is no question of starting to write a novel. It is about using words to get better and move forward on your life’s path. Writing is truly liberating! Through appropriate and personalized writing exercises that I offer, if you call on my services, you will see an evolution in the way you see and envision your life!

I can understand that some and some may be worried about writing and writing badly. But, people who dare to take the plunge soon realize that it doesn’t matter. Only one thing matters: the bottom. Because writing liberates and feels good!

Writing never lies. No matter what words are put on the paper, they are still talking about you. Writing is therefore an act which engages you and which confronts you with yourself. It is in this sense that this practice accelerates transformations.

Writing will teach you who you are and what you are looking for!

As a conclusion guide:

Writing is undeniably a method of personal development, even for those who are not used to writing. Writing gives meaning and breath to individual transformations.

It is necessary, of course, to understand, step by step, what is hidden behind the written words, to become aware of one’s strengths in order to turn them into assets.

The challenge of life and writing coaching is to bring out, thanks to the power of writing, what is hidden in the depths of each person and which is not or difficult to say through words.

Because writing reveals the unspeakable and acts as a “ magnifying mirror” of oneself and of one’s unconscious. It moves in depth and generates the most beautiful transformations!

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