How to Fix Black Spots on Laptop Screen in Simple and Easy Ways?

Whether it is about learning online or working virtually, you will always need a computer with stable internet connection. But when we look into the stats, we can observe that the notebook sales are higher than other forms of PCs such as tablets and desktops. And, the basic reason behind this is the portability of the laptops. You can carry a laptop anywhere without any issues and power it on without requiring heavy machineries unlike the desktops. Besides, they are powerful and can handle high-end tasks unlike tablets. And, all these make laptops one of the most demanding PCs in the recent year. Simultaneously, the globally popular laptop brands started producing tonnes of machines that can fulfill your purposes within you budget if matches the criterions of your purposes. But despite whichever powerful laptop you buy, regardless of its brand popularity they age over the time and develop certain issues. One of the common issues is black patches on screen. Most of the laptops develop these spots when they age and cause disturbances in our viewing. Some people go for display replacement when they found the spots, but you should know that not all screen spots need to opt for that option. If followed correctly, then you can even clear these out form your laptop by yourself. How? Well, in this blog post, we will cover few easy points discussing how to fix black spots on laptop screen.

How the laptops develop these black dots on the display?

Before we get into the fixing tips for the black patches on the laptop screen, you should know how the machines develop these. Black spots on the display are one of the most common issues we find when the laptops get older. You will not find such things on a new laptop’s LCD.

Display plays a great role regardless of your computing purposes. No matter in which profession you are, without a good display, you will not be able to work on the laptop. Whether it is about writing codes, video editing, graphic designing, typing, playing games, or just casually browsing, the black dots can hamper your viewing. And, if left untreated, it can get into the other parts of the machine and cause further issues. Mostly, these spots happen with common reason, such as:

  • The black spots on the display can happen because of the stuck dirt and dribs on the display. It happens when you do not clean your laptop screen frequently. The stuck dirt can sometime travel through the screen joints and form the black dots combining with the liquid crystals.
  • The next thing comes to the pixels. Most of the black dots we see on the laptop screen are formed by dead or stuck pixels. Dead pixels are those pixels which do not light up while powering on the display and stay dead dark forming black spots on the screen. While, the stuck pixels are dark but not dead. While powering on the display, the stuck pixels light up but do not change the colour rather remains as a lightened dark dot on the screen.

So, what to do to fix the black spots from the laptop display?

How to Remove Black spot from screen

In the above content, we have seen the ways how the black dots or spots occurs on the laptop display screen. As we have seen some of the black spots happen due to very simple reason like stuck dirt on the display, some happens internally due to the pixel’s issues. Both can be fatal for the machine if you do not fix the issues at the earliest and following the below steps you can do that easily without going for display replacement:

A. The first and foremost thing you can do to remove the black spots from the laptop screen is to wipe them out with a cleaning glint and a soft fabric. This process will need a little pressure on screen hence known as the pressure cleaning. You need to do the following, First, you need to start with the cleaning the outer surface of the display. Use the glint and the fabric to do so. It will give you a clear view of the black spot.

  • Now spread the cleaning solution to the spot with a good amount and get a stylus pen to remove these.
  • Continue rubbing on the spots with the pen and put a little pressure on it.
  • Ensuring that the pressure is not that much, continue the process and eventually you will be able to shift the spots from the display.

B. Though the previous spot is the easiest way to fix the black spot issues on the laptop screen, it does not work if the issue is with pixels. For that, you need to take the help from a pixel fixer. There are certain applications and web-based services available online that you can consider for the same.

a. If you are using a pixel fixer application, you will do the following,

i. Find and download a pixel fixer application from the internet with good reviews and install it in the laptop.
ii. Once done, open it and it will start activating all the pixels of the display.
iii. This step will make the pixels flicker and hence strikes those dead and stuck pixels in the display that were forming the black dots.
iv. After several strikes, these pixels will get activated and start working like before.

b. If you are using a web-based pixel fixer service like JScreen Fix, you need to do the following,

i. One you open the site, click on the Launch button. It will continue turning off and on all the pixels of the laptop for about 60 times/sec.
ii. After that, it will pop up a dialogue box named JScreen Fix. Click on the Locate button.
iii. In this step, you need to turn off your display, where you have to manually find the stuck pixel in your display.
iv. Every time you will find a stuck or dead pixel, click on Fix button. Thus, the service will run a diagnostic test on the display and bring those dead and stuck pixels into their normal workflow.

C. And, still, if your laptop has not gotten rid of those black dots, it may have become already worse. In this moment, you need to contact a technician at the earliest to fix the display or replace it.

Concluding with:

Whenever we see an issue with our laptop, the first thing we do is to seek for technical support. But not every time we need that. Sometimes, we can fix it by ourselves and save the huge service charge. Black spots on the display are one of those. Though it is a common laptop issue, often we get afraid. This blog post will help you with the easiest 3 ways. We hope this will answer all of your queries on how to fix black spots on laptop screen.

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