How to Fix the Sound on My Toshiba Laptop?

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Toshiba has computer products that range from laptop computers to desktop computers. Laptop personal computers can hold their data and files on internal hard drives and on digital memory cards. They can use standalone speakers or a built-in speaker that connects to a headphone jack and makes sound. If your laptop’s sound volume is low, there are a few things that could cause it. First, make sure that your laptop’s built-in speakers are not clipped to the case. If they are, try moving them away from the case and plugging your speakers

Step 1:

Search the “Speakers” icon in the taskbar. Right-click on the speaker icon. Double-click on the “Name” column to bring up the window for the “Volume Control.” Make sure that none of the lines on your sound card are muted. Check the volume controls by right-clicking on the speaker icon.

Step 2:

Connecting external speakers to your laptop is relatively easy, but the most common way of doing it may cause damages. You should make sure all cabling is properly plugged into the sound card’s designated inputs on the back of your laptop’s case. For example, the same color cable should be plugged into the same color input. You should also double-check for any plugs located on your laptop’s ports.

Step 3:

Reinstall the driver for your sound card. Try looking in the manual that came with your Toshiba laptop. In search engine at Toshiba website, look for your exact model name of sound card and save the results to a file. Download that file and install it. If your sound card is corrupted, your laptop will be blind to your sound card and you will not be able to hear any audio. Restoring your sound card’s driver will fix that issue. 

Step 4:

Run “Check Windows Updates.” Click “Start” and then “All Programs. “Click “Check Windows Updates” and click “Download and Install” if there are any updates. If any sound problems with your Toshiba computer are a result of a problem with Windows, they will likely be cured by installing the latest software updates for the operating system. You’ve just read the original section: Original: Run “Windows Update.”

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