How to Get abcmouse for Free in 2021

How to Get abcmouse for Free: If your child wants to learn, nothing is better than the web/app based learning platform of ABCmouse. It is designed for kids of ages between 2 to 8. Their main source of revenue is the subscription model and it is a product of Age of Learning.

How to Get abcmouse for Free

The goal of ABCmouse is to help children build a better foundation at their roots which can help in a better future owing to their academic success. They provide a comprehensive and engaging platform for kids which go to pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and early elementary school by providing an online curriculum which helps the new learners succeed. People who subscribe to ABC mouse, get access to learning opportunities.

Now the question Arises, how to get access to abc mouse for free?

With more and more children out of school, the team has decided to grant access to their popular learning program for kids. They are giving away subscription that typically costs $ 10 per month to unlock more than 10,000 learning activities, songs, books, games, and art projects for absolutely free.

“Providing quality educational resources specifically in this crucial time to kids is very important,” explained Dohring.
You can use ABC mouse on any device including computer, phone, laptop or a tablet. But we recommend that you use an abc mouse tablet. This will ensure handsfree movement while your kid is learning.

The company provided free entry to children in the school that each child attended. To gain access to the ABCMouse platform, schools had to apply for it first with this form. The response to this free entry was overwhelming, there was a delay between the time the school requests the free subscriptions and the time the form was processed. And so many kids have had access to the end of school and summer.

If you missed the free promotion when ABCMouse offered it, there are still some ways to get access to try it out. If you’re not able to pay the $10 per month, or want to know what you’re getting into first, whether it’s worth the money, there are a few options. To get free access, you can signup for their 30 day free trial which will give you full access to the curriculum. To get the 30 day trial, you can check if a particular library has set up free access. Check this list here. Hope You Enjoyed this article about: How to Get abcmouse for Free.

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