How to Get Into BIOS on an Acer Laptop?

The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the original software your laptop uses to initialize the system’s hardware and boot it up. It can be accessed during the startup process, and you can also initiate the BIOS setup menu and use it to confirm the laptop hardware or access important system settings. However, simply pressing the “on” or “bios” buttons when the power is on will not cause the computer to enter the BIOS. You can only go into BIOS management from the OS.

What is the BIOS?

A BIOS in a computer’s main chip checks for a computer’s hardware and loads the operating system. It also enables use of the keyboard and monitor during the start-up process. Some computer programs claim that they are more advanced than a plain BIOS, but they do the same things. The new type of BIOS we’ve just mentioned does the same things.

Acer Laptop BIOS Key Input

Each computer laptop manufacturer uses a customized BIOS program, which means that the function key you use to load the BIOS will be different depending on the model of your laptop. Your laptop may have a lit up “F2” in a green font. It may also display a message during start-up advising you the key to press to enter BIOS. When the laptop powers on, press the F2 key repeatedly so that a grey “Acer” logo appears on the screen.

Accessing BIOS from Windows

If you don’t click through the steps above, you can get an error message of unexpected restart and lose everything important on your laptop. Press the F8 key on your keyboard while the acer laptop is starting up. This will display the boot menu. You can access both BIOS and UEFI settings. When you are finished you can shut down your acer laptop through the settings or with the power button.

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