How to make Brushing Teeth Fun for Children?

Kids usually do not take like to brush their teeth and the reasons behind this are:
● The toothpaste doesn’t taste or smell good.
● They do not like it when their teeth get hit by cold water.

But it is necessary for the children to brush daily as this will help them in keeping the oral problems away. Now I am going to tell you how to make brushing teeth fun for children.

  1. Ask your kids to make toothbrushing a routine – Tell your kids the benefits of toothbrushing and ask them to make it their habit. Your kids need to know the importance of brushing daily at least two times. Once they realize how much important is brushing for their oral health then they will start doing it by taking it as a responsibility.
  2. Play music at the time of toothbrushing – In order to make the task of brushing enjoyable and calming, you can play music at the time when your kids brush their teeth. Your kids will definitely like it. There is one more benefit of playing music while toothbrushing: The kids will brush till the music plays. The 2 minutes time is recommended time to brush the teeth and if you will play the music for 2 minutes then your kids will brush their teeth till the completion of this time. For adding an element of fun in this activity use a musical toothbrush. In a musical toothbrush, there is a button for playing the music. Your kid will brush from the start of the music till the music stops.
  3. Tell your kids the benefits of brushing by playing with them – If you want to tell your kids the benefits of brushing then you can do this by playing with them. When you will brush the teeth of your kids’ favorite doll in front of them telling them that the health of the doll will remain good if they brush its teeth daily then your kids will get inspired by this.
  4. Allow your kids to brush their teeth themselves – Whenever you realize that your kid is taking interest in learning new things then you need to take the advantage of this time by asking your kid to brush by himself. Have a close eye on how your kid brushes and if he misses somewhere, go for helping him. Also make sure that your kid brushes his teeth left and right, up and down so as to clean the maximum area of the teeth.
  5. Use toothpaste in the right amount – The kids who are 3-6 years old need to use toothpaste in the amount of a pea size and the kids whose age is less than 3 years need to use the toothpaste in an amount of rice grain size and this has been recommended by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics). The use of fluoride toothpaste has also been recommended by AAP. Along with this, it is also necessary to prevent your kid from swallowing down the fluoride toothpaste and so when your kid brushes, then you need to supervise him.
  6. Do some adjustments – Your kid can have a more enjoyable experience at the time of brushing if you will do some adjustments which are as follows:
    ● Allow your children to use an electric toothbrush. They will feel calm with the uniform motion of the electric toothbrush.
    ● Give your kids a toothbrush having soft bristles so that they don’t hurt their gums with a harsh toothbrush.
    ● If you will choose that flavor of toothpaste for your kid that is minty or fruity then your kid will definitely like to brush.

If in spite of brushing the teeth every day your kid suffers from a dental problem then visit the dentist nearby. He will diagnose the problem and then start the necessary treatment.

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