How to Monitor Digital Activities of Teens

Live like today is the last day of your life they say. Well for the record I will sob on my bed the whole year. But some people truly know how to live like that. That species is called Teenagers. They live like there is no tomorrow. Thanks to early exposure to media, news, and the internet, life for them is just like a thrilling drive. They are just here to make trouble and then wait and let someone get them out of it. Am sorry but is that obvious that I am so upset and mad at my teenager. Well, I am, as he has put me in such an embarrassing situation in front of my neighbors that every time I had to pass in front of their home as a social criminal with black glasses and mask on because I don’t let them see my face again. According to my neighbors, my kid was watching something on the web late at night with the full volume on. The neighbors tried to give him a piece of advice like a kind gentleman to not go on that path. Well turned out the whole neighborhood got the poster of a photoshopped picture of the neighbor the next day. Now the whole neighborhood thinks my son is bad company.

Well, This has led me to the decision of buying a android monitoring software or spy app to keep a strict eye on the digital activities of the teen. Ofcouser it was a hard search but have found one of the best and efficient spy app and am gonna share it with you all. The name of the app is Theonespy and it lets you have complete remote control of all the digital tools and devices of your teenager.

Check The Website Visited By The Teen:

One of my most favorite features that I was in desperate need of is to track the internet browsing history of the teen. They are clever enough to clear the browsing history but no worries Theonespy can record every online activity for you. Check all the web material of your teen with Theonespy to know what kind of content is most searched by them on the Internet. In case your kid is suffering from any kind of mental illness, make sure nothing triggering pops up in their web browser.

Web Filtering Made Easy With Theonespy Spy App:

Theonespy not only helps the parents to track anything weird or unethical in their teen browser but also helps in its elimination. For example, you found out any kind of adult content sexual material on your teen web browser then, with the help of the web filtering feature of the Theonespy you can simply block all the related sites. With the complete ban on all the unethical material, you can eradicate any kind of negativity from the teen digital life.

Know About Their Mood And Interest:

Keep an eye on the bookmarked folder or favorite bar of the internet browser of your teen device to know about the mood and interest of your teen. Remote access to the bookmarked folder can make things easy for the parents as it shows the most frequently visited site of the teen.

YouTube Screen Recorder:

Another dangerous thing that plays with teenager’s minds is video content and YouTube is one of the biggest sources for all kinds of video content. You can even make your account to upload your content and share it with the public. For the sake of likes and subscribers, teens can fall in to trap of this limelight so parents must keep a strict eye on the YouTube streaming playlist and channel.

Theonespy spy app has a user-friendly interface. The best thing about this app is that it offers all the features in the form of a bundle or package. Thus you can select the package of your choice that contains all the desired and needed features for monitoring your kid. Theonespy offers separate Mac spy app versions for a respective user so no worries about the system type. Moreover, you can also keep a strict eye on the smartphone of the teenager as well. Theonespy offers an android spy app version for that purpose.

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