How to Stop My Computer From Logging Off

You can adjust the settings of your computer to keep it from automatically logging off and exiting. These settings control the amount of time of inactivity before the computer goes into Sleep and Hibernation mode. When your computer goes into Sleep mode, it stops all processes and saves the contents of the open files. Prevent your computer from logging off by adjusting the Power Management settings. Make sure to turn off your computer after using it for an extended period of time.

Step 1:

Click “Start” then click “Control Panel.”

Step 2:

Click System and Security and then click Power Options

Step 3:

Click “Advanced”> “Settings” > “Advanced Settings” > “Power” tab.

Step 4:

Double click the “Sleep” button and double-click the “Sleep after” button.

Step 5:

Click the “Settings” button and then select the “Never” button from the System drop-down menu on a desktop computer.

Step 6:

Assign a click of “Never” to a laptop’s “Plugged In” setting and to a desktop computer’s “On Battery” setting if you’re using a laptop.

Step 7:

Click “OK” and click “Save changes.” Your computer will never end its work.

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