How to Tell if a Laptop is Refurbished?

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Laptop Machines that are returned to the retailer or the manufacturer are usually reconditioned to the level of a ‘brand new’ laptop. They are not new. Instead, they have been refurbished or reconditioned. Refurbished laptops are usually used but still under the manufacturer’s warranty. They are exact copies of the original. These laptops can sometimes be resold by unscrupulous traders as a ‘new’ product to gull the customers

Don’t buy a used laptop if you intend to use it for a long time. The laptop’s condition is difficult to check. It is best to purchase a new laptop if you intend to use it for a long time or if you don’t care about the laptop’s condition. If you intend to donate the laptop to a worthy cause, you can purchase a non-refurbished laptop from a reputable online vendor.

Steps to Follow Before Buy:

  1. Look at the surface of the laptop, and use your fingers to encircle its base until you feel warm and smooth surface. Over time, the keyboard will become smooth.
  2. Check laptop screws. If you find a suspicious mark on them, you should check that it wasn’t opened before the machine was returned.
  3. Check the screen or display to see if it is scratched and you can peel it off.
  4. The next test ‘crude’ is mind-numbing, as the test is to smell the surface of the computer. Installed new laptops have smells of industrial cleaners and use cleaning agents that leave the notebook surface creamy. Hand refurbished machines use substances that are distinctive fragrant and creamy.
  5. You should check the serial number on the back of the laptop (or the battery compartment)
  6. Open a command prompt, type “c:>wmic bios get the serial number”, then compare the BIOS serial number with the chassis serial number. If they don’t match, then you can assume the machine might be refurb. The easiest way to identify whether or not the machine is refurb is to visit the manufacturer’s website and punch in the serial number.
  7. You can also look for selling labels such as ‘This is a second hand laptop, it may contain different parts’
  8. Check for unused peripherals/chargers that usually come with new laptops.
  9. Refurbished have a warranty period of three months

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