How to Track a Stolen Laptop

Stolen laptops are a growing problem for businesses. Some people secretly take their corporate secrets with them, and sometimes even their valuables. But the damage from stolen laptops can be much more expensive after a data breach occurs. There is a way to track a stolen laptop using its serial number, however it’s important to know how to search after you find the serial number.

Turn on Location Services

If you want to track a stolen laptop with serial number, the first thing you should do is turn on the location services. This can be done from your laptop’s Menu. Once the location services are turned on, the laptop will be able to send data about its current location and whereabouts. After this, you will have to install an application that is known as GPS tracking application.

This application will send out messages every time your laptop sends out a signal regarding its location. The messages will be delivered in an encrypted format so that no one else can know what they mean. The tracking app will also store information of all previous signals sent by your laptop. You can then use this information to find out where your lost laptop is now located.

If the laptop has been stolen by someone who knows how to access your computer through the serial number, he or she may have left it somewhere where it can be seen easily by others. In such a case, if you enter the serial number into a search engine like Google or Yahoo, you might get some results showing locations nearby where your laptop may have been stolen from. You can then contact these places and ask them for help in recovering your lost device.

Use Google Maps’ Location History

An incident like this is the perfect reason to have enabled Google Maps’ Location History. This feature keeps a history of where you’ve been on your phone using GPS, so you can see a precise history of your movements.

You can see where you were at any given time by launching Google Maps, tapping the hamburger icon and selecting Your timeline. You’ll see a map with every place you’ve visited that day, as well as dates for past visits.

If your laptop is lost, but not stolen, this feature will also be helpful in finding it. However, if someone steals your laptop, there’s a chance they know about this feature and will turn it off immediately after taking it. As soon as you realize your device is missing, log into your Google account on another device and head to Maps’ location settings to turn off Location History. That way, the thief won’t be able to turn it off themselves.

Track Your Laptop’s Mac Address

Every laptop has a unique identifier called the media access control (MAC) address. It can be used to trace your laptop if it’s ever lost or stolen. MAC Addresses are also known as ethernet hardware address (EHA), hardware addresses or physical addresses. These addresses are used to uniquely identify the devices on computer networks.

These addresses are important because they allow information to be sent to specific devices on a network, rather than broadcasting messages so all devices receive them. MAC Addresses are usually assigned by the manufacturer of a network interface card (NIC) and are stored in its hardware, such as the card’s read-only memory or some other firmware mechanism.

Each Ethernet network interface card has a unique 48-bit serial number called the MAC Address (for Media Access Control Address). Since every NIC has a unique MAC Address, you can use this address to locate a stolen laptop when it connects to the Internet using any wired or wireless connection.

Install a Tracking App

The first thing you should do is install a tracking app on your laptop. There are many free options, such as Prey and Absolute LoJack, which will allow you to track your laptop’s location and even remotely lock or wipe it.

If you don’t have a tracking app installed, or if the thief wiped your computer before you could install one, you can use your computer’s serial number to track it down.

Reset Your Password

Imagine that someone stole your laptop and you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, I will help you out. If you have the serial number of your laptop, then you have a chance to track it down.

The first thing you need to do is reset your password on every website you use so the thief can’t access your accounts. Save all the important files in your computer and backup all of your data. This is important because the thief will probably get rid of the laptop and if he does, you will lose all of your files.

Next, go online and look up “How to track a stolen laptop?” Then go to the website that shows how to find a stolen laptop with serial number. Follow these steps and hopefully you can recover your computer and even arrest the thief that stole it from you.


There are several ways to attempt to recover your stolen laptop. The key is to work with the tools that you have. If you’re fortunate enough to have purchased your laptop through a vendor that records your purchase you can search for your computer using their serial number. Companies like Dell, Apple, etc. will have your serial number recorded in their database if you bought it directly from them.