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How to Upgrade WordPress Safely in 2021?

Hello Friends, i am going to tell you how to upgrade WordPress safely this time. WordPress is best blogging platform in the web world. WordPress hosted blogs have professional looks. This is easy to use, manageable and customizable blogging software. That’s why it is popular among web developers and common bloggers.

WordPress is updated at regular interval. Every new update brings new features and fixes the bugs. Due to its increasing popularity, many hackers are targeting WP blogs. In this case, security handlings become essential.

Recent bot net attack is proof that wordpress is at target by hackers. In order to enhance the security, a new update is released few days back by wp developers.

The latest update fixes 12 security issues. Other minor bugs also resolved. Updates bring new version of v.3.5.2.
It is always recommended to upgrade your blog to latest one.

If you are still using old version then i request you to take action as soon as possible. Otherwise, any security attack may harm your blog badly.

Upgrade wordpress is very simple task. It is just one click away. You will be automatically notified of new release in wordpress dashboard and the message will be flashed until you don’t update.

Sometime, it is ok to upgrade wordpress directly but that is not a safe way. We have to keep basic things in mind to avoid following issues:

  1. Incompatibility with existing plugins.
  2. Theme incompatibility.
  3. Breakdown of theme or wordpress framework.
  4. Data loss.
  5. Any other unwanted happenings.

So, how to take care of above issues?

Answer is simple. Just make full backup of blog including database then upgrade wordpress blog.

Above points and facts are personally experienced by me when I upgraded my wordpress blog. I didn’t take backup of my blog because i didn’t feel the need. It paid me. My blog’s child theme and framework were broken. I got shock!

Without thinking much, I at once installed twenty eleven theme. Then I deleted both framework and child theme and re-installed. But the issue was same. It was a bad time for me. At first sight, it seemed incompatibility issues with new version. So I decided to revoke the update but How do I name my digital marketing agency?

Stay Inside

I downgraded my blog and installed genesis with BC child them again. It didn’t work. There was no issue with other themes. Only genesis and its child theme stopped working.

My priority was to bring back this theme because i like framework based theme and Blogging cage theme is my favourite. So Finally, I decided to delete complete blog and re- installed wordpress from the scratch. Whole task was boring and time consuming. I wasted my precious time. If I would take care in advance then all these things may not happen.

Later, I installed wordpress v3.5.1 and upgraded it with pre backup and taken care of safety.

How to upgrade wordpress safely?

Here, I’ll describe every aspect of upgrade. Follow the steps and make a secure and safe backup. Once you complete this process successfully, head to upgrade WordPress.

Create Backup

This is very first step. We all are aware of what backup is. Do not underestimate upgrade task as error may occur anytime. In this case, backup is only solution to revert the changes.

There are two methods in which you can make backup of your blog.

Automatic Backup

Automatic backup is created easily with the help of plugins. The backup is usually stored on your hosting or in the cloud. We can use these plugins for wordpress upgrade as well as for regular maintenance backup weekly or monthly. Plugins save time and make the process hassle free.

Here are few popular wordpress plugins for backup purpose:

  • BackWpUP
  • Backup
  • WP-DB Backup
  • WP-DB Manager
  • Vaultpress (This one is paid service)

Manual Backup

We know that manual method is time consuming but it is only reliable method. Plugins are not always safe method because it may contain any bug. So what will you do if backup plugin stop working itself?

The best approach is:- take back-up manually. It is also a simple task but takes little more time.

I recommend manual backup because of its reliability. We can restore the backup in any case, either plugin failure or wp update failure. The backup will be stored on your hosting space. You will need free space on your host equal to size of your blog directory and database.

  • Read the below points step by step carefully then go for backup.
  • Login to cpanel account.
  • Go to “files” option .See below pic.
  • Click on backups. A new page will be open.
  • Click the button “Download or Generate a Full Website Backup”.
  • Select “Home Directory” as backup destination on next page.
  • Enter your email and hit the generate button.
  • Wait for a minute or two. Your backup is ready.
  • To check and verify, go to step 2. Open File Manager “Home” directory.
  • You will see backup in root directory and the file will be gzip compressed.

You have setup a full back. You may now log out cpanel. Come to wordpress dashboard again.

Deactivate All Plugins and Switch to Basic Theme

After a full backup, it is time to deactivate all plugins. A new update may conflict with any plugins. To avoid the bad deal, deactivate all plugins.

I also suggest you to deactivate current theme. Switch to any basic wordpress theme like twenty eleven or twenty twelve for few minutes. Why I am saying this? Because, when I was upgrading my blog, Genesis child theme broken during this process. Only footer was appearing in the theme after update. I hope, you will not make this mistake.

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Finally Upgrade WordPress

Now you are at safe place. Go to Updates option in dashboard. Alternatively you will see a message flashing at top. You will be warned for backup. Since you already have it so go ahead and complete the update.

Activate All Plugins and Activate Previous Theme

Done with upgrade? Reactivate installed plugin. Also activate the previous theme.

Congrats! You updated your wordpress blog.

What to do if Problem Encounters?

It may happen after completion upgrade process that you face a problem .It may be a compatibility issue with plugin or theme.

When you see update creating problem, remove the plugin that is making trouble. If problem persists, restore the backup.

Final Words

I wrote this post basis on my personal experience. I too faced a big problem during update because i ignored backup. Then I deleted complete directory where wordpress was installed and reinstalled from c-panel. After that, setup blog from beginning.

I wish it may not happen with you. Upgrade wordpress in a safe method now onward.

Is there similar experience with you? Feel free to share with me. Drop a comment below.

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