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How to Improve Your Websites Performance with Codeigniter 9 Methods

Improving the performance of your online platform is essential. An optimized web application will help you in overcoming all the issues that will help you in making your services prominent. A PHP website is a little complex to customize. That is why developers are going after Codeigniter for this purpose. This framework allows the expert to utilize libraries and plugins to perform different tasks and functionalities. Enhancement of web servers can be of different types. This outline is effective in making all of those in prominent manners. However, if you are a utilizer of this structure, given tips will help you to improve the performance of your work.

Remove extra libraries

The first reason to get services from chicago il codeigniter development company is a huge list of libraries of this framework. However, a developer cannot utilize all of them at the same time for a single project. But the addition of these libraries can add extra footprints in the database. This can reduce the loading speed of your web application. So make sure to avoid all of those libraries that do not have any need in your specific project.

Utilize autoloader

An autoloader is effective in uploading different libraries and helpers. It is a more effective way than running complex queries in the script. Code igniter allows you to keep a check on these loaders and provide better advantages after their utilization. For this purpose, you just need to get an $autoload array that will store the number of events and functions that are going to call from that loader. However, make sure that you are utilizing it in the right manner. Sometimes over usage of libraries can lessen down the performance of your site.

Use sprites

A sprite can be considered as a bitmap image that can be static or animated. Developers prefer to utilize them in the enhancement of code igniter performance. These images are made from bits rather than bytes-based data. So when the developer performs the uploading of these images, the server will remain clear from any lag and issue while saving it. It is considered a collection of bits rather than a single image.

Database optimization

If you are getting codeigniter development chicago services, you will know that it runs on MySQL database. This database can contain a huge amount of information and data. If you are not utilizing anything to optimize your databases, it will have a bad impact on your stored data. This framework, on the other hand, allows you to optimize it without any complications. Make sure to override caches after some time. It makes your database free and will contain more data if the user gets logged in.

Image optimization

These days not one prefers to have websites without images on their different web pages. Some even utilize them to showcase their products, while others use them to guide their clients. If you do not have full control over image presentations on the back end of your application, these images can lessen the speed of your application. That is why make sure to optimize your images via code igniter after executing different scripts.

Custom caching

Clients usually have a lot of issues regarding caches or cookies. They know that these short-term memories can store their personal information. That is why they do not prefer when they have to accept cookies on a website. Code igniter allows you to create custom caches for your web applications from which you can take control over the information storing options. It gives you the ability to perform scripts and utilize plugins to store short-term details.

CSS and JS connection

Programmers consider JS and CSS as front-end programming languages. They provide interactive interfaces and layouts so that users can have appealing websites. Code igniter is a framework that allows the developers to utilize both of these front-end websites to enhance the layout features. This combination will also allow you to give a boost to your server response time as well.

Upgrade the version

Even the top development companies in chicago consider it tough to change the version of current functionalities in website development. Just like any other programing language, PHP has updated versions plus the code igniter framework as well. It has 4 variants which are all effective in various manners. For instance, in version 4, you will only get to see the footprint size of 1.5MB. It is quite impressive and keeps the performance of the site at extreme levels.

Minimize server response time

It is the time that your server requires to respond to the request of the browser that the user initiated. Reducing it will surely have a direct effect on the performance and optimization of your website. In this regard, the performance of the hosting matters a lot. If your host is of better quality, it will work perfectly with your code igniter scripts. And from those scripts, you can easily reduce their loading time.

Codeigniter allows you to customize your web applications and websites in amazing ways. It is not complex like any of the other frameworks of the PHP language. Even with its small footprint, it allows it to perform huge tasks of numerous types. All of these performances tips will help you in optimizing your web platform to its finest for sure. So make sure to go through them again and again.

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