Want To Honour International Women’s Day?

Want To Honour International Women’s Day? Here Are 4 Things You Must Do!

There has to be a reason behind a day being designated to celebrate and appreciate womanhood. Don’t you think so? Well, I think that it totally depends upon the perception of each individual. For some people, celebrating women’s day on a specific date is just not enough as for them, women need to be celebrated every day on the other hand, some are of very strong beliefs that womanhood should be celebrated every year that would eventually empower women from all walks of life. So, whether you are in one of these categories or not, the first thing you should be doing is to find a perfect womens day gift for all the important ladies in your life. Well, I personally believe that every person should be celebrated each day of their life, however. If we do have a day that celebrates all the women around, why not make the most of this opportunity and show our gratitude to all the ladies in our life? Here are 5 important things you must follow!

Don’t assert that you treat them equal:

You know what pisses a woman the most? When she is told by a man that he thinks women can be weighed with men as they believe in inequality. Well, it is totally obvious it is a good part on men’s side but do you really think there has to be the need of mentioning equality in the first place? We all are created by God and if he does not distinguish between us, who are we to do. So, never make it obvious that you do treat women equal to men as it should not reflect that there ever was inequality in your mind.

Speak up for equality when required:

You see there is a thin line between being assertive about believing in equality and actually doing something about it and it is nothing but your actions. If you keep on blabbering that you are a firm believer of equality of gender but go mute upon witnessing any indiscrimination whether in your family or in your workplace, then, your existence is such a shame in this world. Don’t speak for equality when you actually do nothing in its support. So, this women’s day, not just buy womens day cake, gifts to show your admiration for this day, in fact, speak up for the cause whenever required.

Make an extra effort for all the women in your life:

When I say women, that does not mean I am indicating towards your mother or your girlfriend. It could be anyone whom you look up to and have sheer respect for. Be it your granny, your art class teacher, your neighbor, or a helping cousin who has always backed you. So, you can either take them out for lunch or can just have a thoughtful chit-chat with them over a tea session. Whatever you do, it should reflect in your actions.

Help any woman-owned business:

Well, it is not necessary to be someone from your contacts. If you happen to know a woman trying to set up her new business, you can support her not financially but by actually believing in her and in many other ways. You can help her in marketing her business if you have the right information for the same or you could just suggest to her some contacts that might have some common area of interest in her business. So, this way there won’t be any pity support and at the same time, you would be introducing society with the concept of women empowerment.

So, honoring International day in the right manner and making all the women in your life already feel proud about you, is the right way of personally celebrating women’s day right. However, it is through your social action and cause that actually can make your contribution towards celebrating and putting the right weight on International women’s day. Last, but not least, the difference starts with you. Regardless of what and how society perceives the celebration of this particular day, do your bit and make the world an equal place for both genders to flourish.

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