Is Chromebook Good for Music Production?

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Most Chrome OS devices are powered by the Chrome OS, which requires a constant connection to function properly. Most people who use Chrome OS devices prefer them over the other operating systems available.

They are very fast and have a wide variety of pre-installed applications that help you with many tasks even if there is no internet connection available.

People who have been living a mobile life and are used to smartphones and tablet computers, will have no problem with them. They are quite portable and nice-looking.

While the idea of using Chromebooks as a music production tool might seem appealing, it seems likely to be limited. Let’s look at what Chromebooks are capable of:

Chromebooks have low-resolution displays and don’t include an optical drive. They rely on the internet for most activities.

Recording music is quite limited on the RAM, and the information on it cannot be expanded. Therefore, archiving large volumes of data can be difficult on the RAM.

You’ll find a handful of Chromebooks on our list that are designed for music production, but those solely rely on the cloud to access your music files. However, the Chromebooks themselves are expensive, have limited hardware, and they require the local access to your music.

This makes them useless for music production purposes and no reason to test out a Chromebook for such purposes. We know for a fact that they can’t work.

If you’re not familiar with computer audio and want a basic computer for under $200, then a regular laptop or desktop is a better alternative than Chromebooks.


We know for a fact that Chromebooks are not useful for music production, but they’re still a great device for everyday use. They tend to be more reliable than Android devices and Windows laptops, and they’re easy to use.

And even though they can’t work for music production, they can still be great for everyday use. They’re great for those who are looking for a cheap computer with the features of a MacBook Pro.

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