Is DDR5 Good for Gaming?

As we all know, RAM is a vital factor when it comes to ARAM, Dominion and other types of gaming. It makes the entire user experience a hundred times better, and allows you to jump right into the action. But, right now DDR4 is the most widely used type of RAM available, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time until DDR5 RAM becomes a standard.

What is DDR5 for?

DDR5 is the latest generation of DRAM, which stands for Dynamic Random-access Memory. DDR5 will succeed DDR4 (which itself replaced DDR3 in 2007). The JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) has been responsible for the development of new versions of DDR memory standards. DDR5 brings with it improved performance levels, lower power requirements and a widened voltage operating range. As such, it is expected to be used in a wide range of applications, including mobile devices and high-performance computers (servers, datacenters). How is DDR5 different from its predecessors? Let’s find out!

DDR4 to DDR5 comparison

The most important difference between DDR4 and DDR5 is the speed. The speed of memory is measured in MHz and higher frequency means faster execution of instructions. We can see that DDR4 has a maximum speed of 4266 MHz where DDR5 can be clocked at 5000MHz. Another important difference between the two types is that while DDR5 allows for a transfer rate of 16 GT/s, DDR4 only allows 8 GT/s.

The new memory standard also supports greater density. This means that you will be able to use more GB per chip with DDR5 than you could with DDR4. While a single stick of DDR4 RAM can hold 128GB, the same size stick for DDR5 can hold 1TB. In both cases, one module will have 8 pieces of memory chips and a total capacity of 16GB or 32gb or 64GB or 128GBSupporting up to 2 modules, depending on the motherboard support.”

How can we benefit from DDR5 in gaming?

The new DDR5 RAM is a new generation of RAM that can be used for almost everything. The main thing we will notice is that it will be used in our computers and gaming consoles. The new generation of memory will be able to provide us with faster and better quality gaming, multimedia and other contents.

The Intel X79 chipset supports DDR3 as well as DDR3L, DDR4 and also the future DDR5 memory. With the new Intel chipset and the new generation of memory operating at 2400 MHz or higher, we should see an increase in performance by a factor of two or three times when compared to current generation RAM operating at the same speed. That means that if you have a computer with 16 GB RAM now, when you upgrade to DDR5 that same computer will have 32 GB of RAM, allowing for much more high-quality content to be opened without slowing down your computer or causing any crashes during your gaming sessions.

Also, another benefit from using this better quality memory is that it should also allow for better overclocking on our computers which would lead to increased performance without any additional hardware needed. That would save money for those who are willing to overclock their computers but don’t wish to spend too much.

Takeaway: Yes, DDR5 is still in its infancy but it is likely going to be the next generation of RAM. You can Buy DDR5 on amazon.