Know about Augmentation Mammaire Montreal

Breast Augmentation mammaire montreal is performed to:

  • Enlarge naturally small breasts
  • Restore breast dimension and structure after pregnancy, weight loss, or breastfeeding
  • Restore symmetry when the breasts are asymmetrical
  • Restore the breast or breasts after surgery

Basic Thoughts of Augmentation mammaire montreal


  • Women can pick between breast implants with an easy floor or textured surface:
  • Smooth implants have a greater danger of transferring in the pocket (displacement) in contrast to textured implants.
  • Smooth implants tend to have a barely decrease rupture fee and close longer.
  • Textured implants have a thicker shell than clean implants, usually making textured implants sense firmer.
  • Textured implants have been designed to limit capsular contracture (However, research differs on capsular contracture prevention).
  • When the implants are positioned in the submuscular space, the fee of capsular contracture tends to be identical to each clean and textured implant.

Surgical incision

  • There are 4 special kinds of incisions: transaxillary, inframammary, areolar, and trans-umbilical breast augmentation (otherwise recognized as TUBA). Periareolar and inframammary are the two most frequent incisions and most surgeons are properly versed in these two types. In the periareolar incision, the healthcare professional makes an incision close to the decrease half of the areola, which in flip hides the scar. This kind of incision can have the most effective result when blended with a breast carry or mastopexy. These are frequently preferable in sufferers with poorly described inframammary folds or these susceptible to hypertrophic scarring (thick raised scars).
  • When performing an inframammary incision, the general practitioner creates an incision in the crease below the breast, permitting the healthcare professional most get entry to when putting the implants. This kind of incision is perfect for silicone implants as it higher exposes the breast tissue-pectoralis muscle interface. It is the most frequently carried out method in the United States and is exceptionally proper for sufferers with well-formed inframammary folds who have a record of favorable scarring.
  • Both the TUBA and transaxillary incisions are a long way much less common, and they can solely be carried out when using saline implants. In the trans axillary incision, the general practitioner creates a small incision in the armpit, additionally dissecting a tunnel to the area the implant in. This type of method creates no scar on the breast however it does purpose greater of a possibility of inferior asymmetry of the implants. In the TUBA incision, the health care provider makes an incision in the naval area, dissecting a tunnel upwards in the direction of the breast area. In these two kinds of incisions, the empty saline implant is then rolled up a whole lot like a cigar and led via the dissected tunnel to be positioned inside the breast. At that point, the implant is then stuffed into the pre-determined amount.


  • The breast implant dimension is one of the most essential traits that decide the result of a breast augmentation procedure. Breast implant dimension is measured in ccs, commonly from 200cc to 600cc. Implant measurement selections typically come down to an aggregate of the patient’s anatomy and the diploma of naturalness of the favored ultimate result.
  • Many females prefer a greater look barring the seem of being overly (unnaturally) large. To reap this result a skilled plastic medical professional wishes to train the affected person on how every implant measurement will alter their special physique. One of the excellent methods to accomplish this is for the affected person to strive on special implant sizes and see how every measurement will look. Additionally, sufferers have to ask to view several earlier than and after pictures of preceding augmentation sufferers with a comparable physique frame.

Silicone vs saline

  • The 2nd large choice involving implants is the desire between saline or silicone implants. Saline implants are crammed with sterile saline (saltwater) which are stuffed by way of the general practitioner after placement. This is handy as it lets your medical professional set the implants to get the specific favored result of the patient. Additionally, the incision quintessential for placement is barely smaller in contrast to what’s indispensable for silicone implants.
  • Silicone implants are made with a silicone gel that is designed to intently mimic the sense of human fat. Although there is no difficult scientific data, silicone is notion to have a greater herbal look and feel. Unlike saline implants, silicone breast implants are positioned in the physique filled. Silicone implants are generally about $1,000 greater than saline versions.

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