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Best Promoting Games in AL AIN Classified AD Site in 2021

A game can be described as an activity that is done for entertainment. We play and promoting games because they are entertaining; they improve brain activity, improve cognitive skills, and release serotonin, the happy chemical. With more visual stimulation, imagination, and enjoyment as technology progresses, the thrill and allure of playing games have only evolved. Technology has changed the way people play games, from the first board game, Senet, discovered in Egypt in 3100 BC, to virtual gaming, facial recognition, and gesture control technology. Examining the evolution of gaming and its platforms will help you understand how and why technology has affected your favorite pastime. Such a striking kind of business makes heavy revenue from the past few times. Inclusive of gaming business or gaming technology into online free classified in Al Ain will open a new horizon to this business.

Promoting Games:

This post is all about Promoting Games and Gaming technology and gaming business with the aspect of gaming business to the classified ad site. But first, we have to know some examples of modern gaming. Here we go-

  • Action games are fun to play.
  • Action-adventure games are a form of the game that combines action and adventure.
  • Adventure games are fun to play.
  • Role-playing games are a form of the role-playing game.
  • Simulation games are fun to play.
  • Strategy games are fun to play and equally sharpen our brain function.
  • Sporting activities.
  • Puzzle games are fun to play and learn.

IN-Game Advertisement that Changes as the Promoting Games Progresses:

In-game ads, which enable advertising systems, allow game developers to distribute advertisements remotely. It has risen in popularity as Internet access and bandwidth have improved. Dynamic in-game ads allow the game developer or its ad delivery service to monitor advertising in real-time and collect viewing data such as screen time, ad type, and viewing angle. This data may be used to boost potential advertising campaigns, fix copy issues, or make a current commercial more appealing to players.

Advertising in Promoting Games that are only available online:

Freemium and free-to-play games are normally available online and offer a simple game for free with the ability to buy advanced features or additional items. They work on the premise that if a player spends enough time in the game, he or she can pay for additional in-game features. These purchases are usually one-time payments for unique in-game products in freemium games like Farmville (micro-transactions). Instead, free-to-play games like Age of Conan attempt to entice players into a pay-to-play relationship in exchange for premium content. Although freemium and free-to-play games usually make money from other sources, advertising with Al Ain classified ad sites such as splash ads or advertiser sponsorships of virtual-good giveaways.


Players must pay to access the game’s content in pay-to-play games. Some pay-to-play games include in-game ads, depending on the game world. Both City of Heroes and Anarchy Online, for example, use dynamic in-game ads to simulate real-world stimuli in an urban game environment. Fantasy games such as EverQuest II and World of Warcraft, on the other hand, do not have in-game ads while real-world ads are present. By enabling marketers to buy virtual real estate in virtual worlds and MMORPGs, advertisers may be able to place persistent online advertising. Companies will use it to test potential real-world locations in addition to creating a brand identity.

The advertising industry’s response to the IGA (In-game Advertisements):

IGA is a specialty of many advertising companies or ad networks, and many more conventional advertising agencies have been immersed in it. Many marketers, however, remain doubtful of video games as a viable advertising tool due to ongoing challenges in calculating IGA’s efficacy despite the introduction of GamePlay Metrics, confusion about how many viewers the game would attract, and an inability to predict how many viewers the game would reach.

Lowering the Risk for Advertisers:

Advertiser liability can be partly reduced by benchmark-based marketing fees on game units sold or a refund arrangement. Viewer figures are difficult to predict since it is difficult to measure the success of a game before its release.

Some of our most famous classified ad sites that provide complete online gaming solutions, are:

  • Dubizzle
  • Olx Al Ain

The Bottom Line in Promoting Games:

Digital reality will also benefit from further advances. Improved graphics, increased interactivity among gamers, and the arrival of the 5G network will all help to reduce latency in live games, especially in competitions. All of this is what the future of gaming holds, and it’s only going to get better as time goes on. As the gaming craze is not only limited to teenagers, some of the offices have also freed up a space like a gaming zone, so that employees could spend some free time and refresh themselves. Promoting online gaming through classified ad sites will bring game lovers and help to earn high revenue.

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