The PS5 version of the Best VR device has news! Fully upgraded

Best VR device: When PS VR was launched, many players were very excited. As an overall VR solution linked to game consoles, the ease of use of PS VR obviously surpasses many independent VR products. The high degree of optimization brought by the host is also one of its advantages

Looking back at the development path of the VR industry, since the topicality of VR was robbed by AI in 2017, the enthusiasm of large companies to develop VR has also declined sharply. Although there are still many companies and institutions advancing this technology, it is more than the previous VR boom. At the time, it can be described as heaven and earth. Don’t miss Maplin discount code at NHS Discount Code.

PS5 version of the Best VR device

However, we must not think that VR will officially say goodbye to us from now on. Don’t you know that it was shocked to see, it seems that VR that has fallen from the cusp of the storm to the bottom of the valley, after 2017, steadily “stole a wave” development”! Earlier, IDC announced a new VR market report, which showed that in 2018, the installed capacity of high-end VR helmets increased by 60% year-on-year to 3.9 million.

It can be concluded that VR equipment is still the favored choice of cutting-edge players, especially the “Half-Life: Alex” released in 2020 has also set off a wave of VR experience among the player community. The popularity of VR games is actually far from us. Not far away. Show now Using 7 Day Shop Discount Code.

The PS5 version of the VR device has news

SIE recently announced the next-generation PS VR device corresponding to the PS5 host. It is reported that the resolution, field of view, motion tracking, operation input and other parameters of the new PS VR have been improved. The new VR helmet only needs one cable to connect to the PS5, simplifying settings and improving ease of use. The new VR controller will correspond to some of the key features of the PS5 DualSense handle, and will pay more attention to ergonomics. The official said that the new Best VR device is still under development and will not be launched in 2021.

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