What are the Requirements of a Good Laptop in 2022?

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Many people are searching for a superior laptop. In general, good laptop must perform well in most recent games and other activities to help all type of agers. A good laptop makes it to be able to run the fundamental applications loaded on them (including Microsoft office) and be reasonably priced (if you want something around $500, go with an AMD processor).

Many laptops now offer with quad core CPUs like the i3, i5, or i7, as well as 4GB or 8GB RAM, opportunity to play the latest games at respectable settings. A GTX 9XXM series graphics

Card (or its equivalent) plus a 1 TB 7200 rpm HDD or 128 GB SSD are common components in most gaming laptops.

These specs also apply to external hardware such as with a monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse. If you want to have an external graphics card with your laptop, would go for the Nvidia GTX 1050 or 1050 TI, which you can connect with a compatible cable (for example, HDMI) and should work perfectly.

If you have a lot of power and storage (more than 8GB RAM and 1 TB HDD), you must buy a desktop instead of a laptop, as some laptops cannot be upgraded outside of those levels without compromising its quality. Some people assemble their own desktop computers, but there is more complex than buying one which has already been assembled, hence it is recommended for skilled users.

CPU as processor:

If you are deciding to purchase a new solid (SSD), make sure it has at least 250 GB of storage space to store windows and your software installations, as smaller drives can quickly fill up with only a few applications.


Most modern computers involve a single or more USB ports, an HDMI/VGA/display port video output for connecting monitors, speakers, keyboards, and mice, an Ethernet LAN port for wired networking an SD/SDHC/SDXC card reader for transforming files, and a Kensington type security lock slot in case you need to physically secure your laptop.

Unless you are purchasing memory sticks or jump drives, make sure it has one USB 3.0 port for better data transfer speeds. You should see if there are any other features that would be useful in your case.

Backlit keyboards, built in fingerprint readers, low power adaptive brightness intel RealSense 3D with facial recognition, such as those found on newer Dell and Lenovo ThinkPad (which use windows Hello), and integrated webcams that can detect when someone is sitting in front of the computer even when its in sleep mode all are accessible on some laptops.

If your laptop lacks these features, USB devices can used instead; nevertheless, drives are required for them to work properly, so make sure yours has them before buying.

Ultimately, good laptops should have good build quality, enough specs to play most games at moderate setting, and a guarantee in case something goes wrong, you can usually check if the parts are genuine to avoid getting scammed.

Whether you are buying a laptop to watch movies on or use other applications like Adobe photoshop or InDesign, check here for more options. If you need an SSD instead of an HDD, you might want to look here because its much faster but usually more expensive.