Reasons Why You Have To Stop Using The Free VPN Service in 2021

The use of Virtual private networks is gradually popular because people are attentive when it comes to privacy. VPN allows you to improve the internet speed, enjoy flawless private browsing and hide your IP address so no one can access your history. However, it allows the users to bypass the restricted sites with a premium security level.

It is not surprising that the use of VPNs is increasing day by day with several advantages. And it serves as the barrier against hackers, cyber threats, malware, and many more to secure sensitive data. Make sure the VPN you choose allows you to never compromise on privacy. Therefore, the demand for VPNs is increasing due to the current situation where people work remotely and spend hours streaming for mind relaxation. With the increase in online activity, you have to look for the best VPN service.


Free VPNs look enticing and great with minimum cost. They offer remarkable services that are good-to-be-consider, but you have to look at the second face of it.

Stop Using The Free VPN Service:

5 Facts Why You Have To Say A Big NO To Free VPN

Using a free VPN is a threat to your privacy because it does not offer strong encryption. If you consider the VPN for security, it’s better to pay an amount on paid VPN, and no need to not compromise on your security.

The Free VPN Services do not offer the premium level of security and their software keeps your data safe and sells it to third parties. Here you can learn five reasons why you say no to free a VPN.

Reason 1 – Trace Your Online Browsing

VPN acts as the protective barrier that secures your online activity, data, and private information from prying eyes. And it’s another purpose to give you accessibility on geo-blocked sites.

But if you consider the free VPN, you cannot be sure about your privacy. There is a chance of hacking your private data. The scammers privately overview your activity and sell it to third parties for the sake of profit. In such cases, you consider as the primary source of income.

Reason 2 – Free VPNs Aren’t Secure

If you think the free VPNs are secure, you might be wrong because free VPNs do not have security protocols such as OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, etc. High-end security and standard protocols offer the paid service with a reliable result.

The Free VPN Service do not have these types of incentives to provide encrypted and secure data. It is often better to browse without the VPN rather than using a free VPN.


Reason 3 – Unstable Internet Connectivity

As free VPNs make your internet speed slow and sluggish, it means the internet browsing, unlimited video streaming, and torrenting files can be slower or interrupted than your broadband speed. If you are paying for a VPN service that gives surety to provide a reliable and constant connection.

On a free VPN, when you are trying to download any video constant drop out of connection can be frustrating or irritating. Thus, there is no chance to compromise on security, unstable or unreliable connectivity.

Reason 4 – Poor Security Level

Do you know why people plan to pay for VPN? Because the paid VPNs offer high security with different subscriptions plan. Even if people do not satisfy with its services, they show their reliability with a money-back guarantee.

But when talking about free VPNs, they do not have protocols to ensure that your connection is private and secure. With a free VPN, you do not have surety about your privacy protection, it might possible the parties keep their eyes on your data and sell it to others for profit.

Reason 5 – Free VPN Might Work With Single Account

Paid VPNs can offer to use your single account with multiple devices so you can connect it with five to six devices. The paid VPNs are compatible with all the devices such as; smartphones, Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and many others.

While a free VPN gives a lower level of data encryption and allows to connect one device at a time. It does not give you the flexibility to use it on your desktop, smartphone, or even on your router.

Bottom Line

Everyone wants to secure online browsing activities, sensitive data, and much more. The reliable and trusted paid VPNs are far better than using a free VPN. With a free VPN, you put your private information in the hands of others and expose your privacy.

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