Unknown Facts of Vitamin A Rich Foods Benefits 2021

Vitamin A is one of the essential vitamins for us to function properly. The smooth function of our body, eye health, brain health and strength of bones depends on the vitamin A. Absence of this vitamin can lead to various diseases and a weaker immune system.

Vitamin A Rich Foods Benefits

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin. Liver stores it. There are two types of vitamin, Pro vitamin and preformed vitamin A. Later is also known as retinol, while former is called carotenoids. Carotenoid is later converted into retinol. The daily requirement of this vitamin varies from person to person. Breastfeeding and pregnant ladies need it more. The good thing is that it is easily found in a variety of foods and fruits. Let us study in detail some benefits of this vital vitamin.

Some of the best foods with vitamin A

Liver, cheese, carrot, spinach, sweet potato, eggs , milk , pumpkin, red pepper, papaya, etc are the richest source of vitamin A. Daily consumption of these foods will cover daily needs of vitamins. Doctors of online medical store suggest foods for daily need of vitamin A. Supplements should be used only when doctors recommend them in case of severe deficiency of this vital vitamin.

This vitamin is better absorbed by the body when it is accompanied by some amount of healthy fat. That is why some suggest that animal fat, a source of a vitamin is the best source for overcoming any deficiency. The reason is simple, it comes with fat naturally. That is why olive oil is sprinkled on the vegetable salad to improve the absorption of plant based vitamins.

Though, this vitamin has no direct link with the erection process of males. A healthy diet comprises foods and fruits, which are recommended for vitamin A also, are part of natural remedies for a male with weaker erection. However, Sildenafil citrate150 mg may still be needed for severe cases of erection. A healthy balanced diet will bring down the need for erection boosting doses.

Vitamin Rich Foods Benefits

Vitamin A should be consumed daily for a healthy function of eyes. It is an important source that maintains our eye health. We are able to get the light entering our eyes into electrical signals with the help of this vitamin. These electrical signals are interpreted by the brain. It is also a component of the photosensitive part of the retina.

Strong Immunity

You need this vitamin to enable your immune system to fight off various infections and diseases. The strong immune becomes important in a coronavirus infested world, as the health or the life of a person depends on the strength of the immunity. The strength of white blood cells, which fight foreign infection in our body, depends on vitamin A.

Protect Bones

Strong bones own a lot to the intake of vitamin A. Many studies have clearly pointed out the deficiency of this vitamin leads to fragile bones and increases the risk of fracture.

Maintain your reproductive health through proper intake of a vitamin. Medical observations revealed that any deficiency of vitamin in the diet of expecting mothers results in defects in kids. A vitamin also supports the development and growth of embryos in pregnant women.

Acne Free Skin

The amounts that you would spend on face creams and facials should instead go to foods and vegetables that are rich in vitamin A. Several pimples that face in early 20s often leave scars behind. They are also painful and you often spend a huge amount to clear them off face. Just increase intake of fruits at least to deal with the problem naturally.

Consult with a Doctor in case of Supplements

Always prefer foods and fruits for your requirement of vitamin A. But if you are taking supplements, then ensure that they are not mixed with other medicines. Supplement interact with birth control pills, blood thinners and erection boosting drug Generic Levitra 60 mg , which doctors prescribe for males with severe erection cases. Avoid taking erection boosting drugs or if you want to take them keep a gap of 24 hours at least for the next dose of supplements.


Ensure that you eat at least one food or vegetable that is rich in vitamin A for your immunity, eye health and bone health. Seasonal vegetables, milk and egg are enough to ensure daily requirement is fulfilled. Do not depend on supplements or canned foods. Drop some olive oil on salads to help absorb plant based vitamin A.

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